Sunday, March 31, 2013

Skin Food Black Bean Brow Pencil [Review]

I got this eyebrow pencil a couple of months ago during Skinfood new concept store launching in The Mines.  Beware of the Skinfood girls because they are good in selling their products, I was talked into buying this and 2 other products from Skinfood which I may review in another blogpost.

Anyway, a couple of months ago, I was actually in a craze of doing my brows. I was still quite new to doing brows because I never really paid much attention to them until I realize how much they do to your overall look. Brows are the ones that shapes your face and a neat looking brow can get away with minimal makeup. Natural makeup looks so much better with good defined brows.

I'm going to be completely honest saying that I always, ALWAYS overdo my brows in the beginning. Most of the time I would rub it off because I tend to draw it too dark and thick and ugly. As always, practice makes perfect and I'm definitely getting better at it.

Because I am quite new at doing my brows, I don't really have much brow stuff and this is my 3rd brow "kit" that I have in my collection. I also have the K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Liquid and Powder "kit" that I absolutely love but is not the easiest thing to use, most of the time I only use the K-Pallete for special occasion. For an everyday look, I use this Black Bean pencil because it is so easy to draw and soften the look with the spooly brush at the other end. Filling in my brows have never been so natural and simple. 

The tip is not the ordinary round lead but it is more of a flat shaped pencil which does helps in defining the brows better. 

Direct from pencil

and soften the pencil with the spooly brush

I know that this is a good brow pencil because I have others friends who uses it and like it a lot. They have a good range of colours for this but I feel most Malaysians will only buy brows instead of black and grey. 


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cindy said...

I hv never try Skin Food eye brow pencil before..but im addicted to Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil!

Chuen said...

Never really tried products from SkinFood before, but heard that their yogurt mask range is quite good :D

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Ah this the one you grabbed at The Mines last year hyuh :)

You are right, all my eyebrow cosmetics is brown :P

JQLeeJQ said...

cindy, i've never tried Shu Uenura, so ex la that brand. lols.

Chuen, I don't think my skin suits skinfood skin care but I feel their makeup is alright on me :) But still since you say the yogurt mask is good.. hehe may one day try them. :)

Rane, Yup this one is the one last year I got from mines. :) HAHA, obviously mah or else I use grey is bit weird. lol