Thursday, March 7, 2013

My instalife | Follow me @JqLeeJq [February]

Do I instagram a lot? Am I addicted to instagram? Do I love instagram? 
Yes to all of the above! 

As much as there are so many complaints of the picture quality not being good, I still think it is one of the best app create for the smartphone generation. It is definitely one of my most used app, I believe I post more pictures on insta now compare to FB or Twitter because instagram links to both of my most used social sites. Am still praying very hard for it to link to Google+ & Pinntrest someday but the again, FB bought over instagram, so... it may not happen. :(

After recording a makeup tutorial with ZA Spring Summer Collection. Love my Christmas-feel shirt!

Downloaded Fix-It Felix game app on my Ipad mini... Most boring game ever in the world! The only reason why I still have the app because I have something-something towards "Wreck-It Ralph" the movie. 

Almost dry late Valentine Rose. Still looks pretty on my table close to all my perfume collection. 

My oh my, I snack like a cow when I'm at home. Snacking must-have Sour Ribbon Strips in Red, Blue & Green. New found love for Planet Popcorn in Kimchi, Seaweed & Cheese. Instead of 100plus, switch up to Recharge vitamin c drink is a nice change. 

Eiffel Tower Keychain & Yummy Dark Choc from Paris! 
Thanks to a pretty colleague, now I dream of visiting Paris someday. 

Best Lunch ever!! Kaven's 5-star Restaurant, priceless. I need to set more lunch dates with her so she can cook more for me. :D

DIY French Manicure with Sally Hansen French Manicure Set. Loving how easy to use it is. A tutorial someday, maybe? 


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Henry Tan said...

yay hi5! i love insta too! =D

FurFer said...

Aahah. your last picture is too cute. So when are you going to make a tutorial for the french manicure? XD