Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara [Review]

I have these mascara for a really long time and the only reason why I did not throw it away is because it is Lancome and because these are the only pair of mascaras I own that vibrates. I was really excited when I first gotten my hands on them. Literally immediately opened the black tube and tried it on... OMG it's so wet that it is weighing my lashes down and stained my undereye. Don't like it at all. The consistency was just too wet for my liking.

Then I though, maybe curling my lashes first should do the trick, but no... failed, it's still weighing my lashes down. Then maybe I should play with the vibration thingy that made this wand famous but no, didn't work either. I honestly don't see how the vibration works for the lashes when most of the vibration I feel it on the cap instead of the end of the applicator. So basically my fingers and hands was the ones vibrating not my lashes. Burn.

And because I didn't like the black one, I didn't bother opening the white base as I assume it would be the same until one day my hands got itchy and wanting to try a new product, so the white base powermascara was unleashed. So wanted it to work but no... same case... didn't liked the wet consistency at all. 

Is not that wet mascaras are bad, it just doesn't work well for those with medium to long lashes people like mine. It gets too heavy which ultimately drooping your lashes even after curling plus you may get mascaras stains on the undereyes because it takes a longer time to dry. 

The applicator is rubber plastic comb type, not my favourite too because I'm much more of a bristle brush type girl, I like the feeling of brushing through my lashes. 

I was actually hoping that it would dry up a little after some time so that I can fall in love with it but damn, it was still fairly wet when I tried it recently. Which can be a good thing for those who love wet mascaras and prays that the mascara doesn't dries off too quickly. This is probably made for you. 

Can you see how it droops my lashes :( 

Yes, it does lengthens my lashes slightly :)

Those with shorter and thinner lashes may like this mascara because it does gives a thicker and longer look for your lashes. To me, the vibration just wasn't as expected and truly, it is nothing to hype about. I ended up  using it without pressing the button as I don't like it vibrating my hands while I'm applying mascara to my lashes. Just doesn't feel right.


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