Friday, March 8, 2013

Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Cream [Review]

I joined a contest a couple of months ago and I am blessed to be one of the contestant to win the first price. Cellnique was really generous with their prize, we won a couple of good full size products to try and enjoy.

The highlight of the contest was to talk about why we need the new Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Cream. You can check out my entry here.

You all know how much I love and need hydrating products, especially with the weather of my workplace up in the cold, dry highlands, my skin gets dry easily. Regular moisture won't cut here, you will start feeling like a prune without proper skincare.

I was quite surprised with the size of this thing! That was the first thing I noticed. Secondly, it was the weight and the good quality packaging. I love how solid it feels, like a rock, I can throw and hit my brother if I want to. I never expected it to be a 50g product, it feels like I can use it forever because of the super duper thick consistency. I really don't use much for my face. 

Personally, I feel this is more like a gel based cream that is amazing because you can pop it in the fridge before applying to bed for a cooling night cream. I use it mostly at night to heal all the dry skin that I might have gotten from the day. Also, I'm relief to know that I'm soaking my skin in a good hydrating product while I sleep to have a suppler skin the next day. The product is rather compact in the pot, you can probably dig and leave a hold in it. Most of the time, I just swirl my fingers on the surface of the cream. 

Though, as much as I like this product a lot. I will have to admit that I use this mostly on when I'm up in the hill. I rarely bring it back to my parent's house if I'm down in town for the weekends because I feel it could be a little to heavy for my skin in a more humid area such as KL. Unless I am planning to sleep with the aircond on all night because I have been complaining how warm my room downtown has been, then I will apply this for the night because aircond is the worst culprit for dry skin. 

I believe you can only get this from Cellnique outlets or website. Do check their website or FB page for more info. 

Also, you may redeem RM20 voucher if you would like to purchase this product. Just click here:


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