Sunday, March 3, 2013

Captivate your man with Confidence!

Captivating with Confidence! 

I know I'm super confident. Lols. The unwanted kiss. 

My love story continues into the reality of being a working young adult. This is when you think more about money and life together. It gets harder especially when I'm working all the way up in the mountains while he is here in Klang Valley. Being apart from each other is never easy, we do miss each other a lot. The worst cases would be when I had to work on public holidays, it is the suckiest thing ever but as a newbie, I don't really have much choice. Thanks to technology, it helps us to keep connected. 

Of course, when you hardly meet each other, you want to look your best when you finally get to meet him. I'm a typical girl too, I want to look good to remind him how pretty I can be. I want him to remember my face, my hair and how I smell so that the memory is in him when I'm not around. Scent is crucial because it is as powerful as sight, it can either turns you on or off. You want to spray just enough for him to want to smell more of you, the chance for him to purposely get close to you. :) 

I love these new Enchanteur Paris Deo Body Mist. They are perfect for that hint of mesmerizing scent which exudes sophistication and romantic appeal to people around you. Ideal for ladies on the go as they are compact in size, light and easy to travel, just slip into your handbag and you're ready to go! Comes in 3 signature Enchanteur Paris scent:
  • Belle Amour (Beautiful Love) Pink - Apple melon layered with refreshing blackcurrant top notes, and some Parisian pink rose petals. 
  • Mon Amie (My Friend) Yellow - Fresh citrus lemon orange with bergamot, red apple fruity notches, pink peonies, watery roses and white magnolia surrounded with warm woody amber background. 
  • Adore (Adore) Purple - Flowery and fruity, combination of wild jasmine, pink mimosa and violet that blends with sparkling fruity notes of lychee, spiced sugar plum, pomegranate and golden pear. 

My favorite is Belle Amour. :) 

Enchanteur Paris Deo Body Mist retails at RM8.90 for 100ml spray and is available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies. 


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