Saturday, March 30, 2013

2 things in my life...

I have no idea what to name this blogpost because it is just a mix of both random items that is somewhat worth my shout.

I've purchased the Maxis Broadband Mobile Wifi in November 2012 because as most of you know I am stuck in a mountain now working my butts off for survival as well as for the experience. Unfortunately, there's no wifi throughout the resort nor in my dorm area. As an internet addict, I need my wifi in my comfort zone. I spent a month scouting and asking around on what broadband is the best for Genting. It was quite a hands down to say Maxis conquered the hill like no other. Of course, we don't expect DiGi to really follow you everywhere as my phone's 3G sucked but workable. It just wasn't as smooth as I would like it to be. So, I just made the commitment to pay for a good working Wifi to travel with and so far it has been good. I have it in 4gb day time and 4gb non peak hours (2am-8am). Most of the time I will leave it till the end to download movies for the non-peak hours. Come on, who wakes up at 2am just to go online when she has work the next day.  

This is a skincare routine that I have been using for quite a while sometime ago when I was trying to get rid of my acne issues on my forehead. Paid quite a sum of money for it and it worked for a while, then maybe because work got stressful and I stopped going for regular facial and unbalance hormones, probably had triggered my popping popcorn forehead again. I probably need to learn how to relax and just have a healthy lifestyle by not working so hard. Lols. I need to be happier in life. 

I really think I need a good long break. 

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