Sunday, March 31, 2013

Skin Food Black Bean Brow Pencil [Review]

I got this eyebrow pencil a couple of months ago during Skinfood new concept store launching in The Mines.  Beware of the Skinfood girls because they are good in selling their products, I was talked into buying this and 2 other products from Skinfood which I may review in another blogpost.

Anyway, a couple of months ago, I was actually in a craze of doing my brows. I was still quite new to doing brows because I never really paid much attention to them until I realize how much they do to your overall look. Brows are the ones that shapes your face and a neat looking brow can get away with minimal makeup. Natural makeup looks so much better with good defined brows.

I'm going to be completely honest saying that I always, ALWAYS overdo my brows in the beginning. Most of the time I would rub it off because I tend to draw it too dark and thick and ugly. As always, practice makes perfect and I'm definitely getting better at it.

Because I am quite new at doing my brows, I don't really have much brow stuff and this is my 3rd brow "kit" that I have in my collection. I also have the K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Liquid and Powder "kit" that I absolutely love but is not the easiest thing to use, most of the time I only use the K-Pallete for special occasion. For an everyday look, I use this Black Bean pencil because it is so easy to draw and soften the look with the spooly brush at the other end. Filling in my brows have never been so natural and simple. 

The tip is not the ordinary round lead but it is more of a flat shaped pencil which does helps in defining the brows better. 

Direct from pencil

and soften the pencil with the spooly brush

I know that this is a good brow pencil because I have others friends who uses it and like it a lot. They have a good range of colours for this but I feel most Malaysians will only buy brows instead of black and grey. 


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Saturday, March 30, 2013

2 things in my life...

I have no idea what to name this blogpost because it is just a mix of both random items that is somewhat worth my shout.

I've purchased the Maxis Broadband Mobile Wifi in November 2012 because as most of you know I am stuck in a mountain now working my butts off for survival as well as for the experience. Unfortunately, there's no wifi throughout the resort nor in my dorm area. As an internet addict, I need my wifi in my comfort zone. I spent a month scouting and asking around on what broadband is the best for Genting. It was quite a hands down to say Maxis conquered the hill like no other. Of course, we don't expect DiGi to really follow you everywhere as my phone's 3G sucked but workable. It just wasn't as smooth as I would like it to be. So, I just made the commitment to pay for a good working Wifi to travel with and so far it has been good. I have it in 4gb day time and 4gb non peak hours (2am-8am). Most of the time I will leave it till the end to download movies for the non-peak hours. Come on, who wakes up at 2am just to go online when she has work the next day.  

This is a skincare routine that I have been using for quite a while sometime ago when I was trying to get rid of my acne issues on my forehead. Paid quite a sum of money for it and it worked for a while, then maybe because work got stressful and I stopped going for regular facial and unbalance hormones, probably had triggered my popping popcorn forehead again. I probably need to learn how to relax and just have a healthy lifestyle by not working so hard. Lols. I need to be happier in life. 

I really think I need a good long break. 

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Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara [Review]

I have these mascara for a really long time and the only reason why I did not throw it away is because it is Lancome and because these are the only pair of mascaras I own that vibrates. I was really excited when I first gotten my hands on them. Literally immediately opened the black tube and tried it on... OMG it's so wet that it is weighing my lashes down and stained my undereye. Don't like it at all. The consistency was just too wet for my liking.

Then I though, maybe curling my lashes first should do the trick, but no... failed, it's still weighing my lashes down. Then maybe I should play with the vibration thingy that made this wand famous but no, didn't work either. I honestly don't see how the vibration works for the lashes when most of the vibration I feel it on the cap instead of the end of the applicator. So basically my fingers and hands was the ones vibrating not my lashes. Burn.

And because I didn't like the black one, I didn't bother opening the white base as I assume it would be the same until one day my hands got itchy and wanting to try a new product, so the white base powermascara was unleashed. So wanted it to work but no... same case... didn't liked the wet consistency at all. 

Is not that wet mascaras are bad, it just doesn't work well for those with medium to long lashes people like mine. It gets too heavy which ultimately drooping your lashes even after curling plus you may get mascaras stains on the undereyes because it takes a longer time to dry. 

The applicator is rubber plastic comb type, not my favourite too because I'm much more of a bristle brush type girl, I like the feeling of brushing through my lashes. 

I was actually hoping that it would dry up a little after some time so that I can fall in love with it but damn, it was still fairly wet when I tried it recently. Which can be a good thing for those who love wet mascaras and prays that the mascara doesn't dries off too quickly. This is probably made for you. 

Can you see how it droops my lashes :( 

Yes, it does lengthens my lashes slightly :)

Those with shorter and thinner lashes may like this mascara because it does gives a thicker and longer look for your lashes. To me, the vibration just wasn't as expected and truly, it is nothing to hype about. I ended up  using it without pressing the button as I don't like it vibrating my hands while I'm applying mascara to my lashes. Just doesn't feel right.


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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mary Kay Sheer Dimensions Powder

Fashion, colour and luminous skin come together in an entirely new dimension. 
Sheer Dimensions Powder is an exquisite finishing touch that makes your skin look smoother as it diminishes the appearance of fine lines with stunning, all-over luminosity. 

Top Left: Lace
Perfect for everyday in a range of shades and finishes- from matte to satin to pearlescent.

Top Right: Chiffon
Breakthrough technology allows for intricate, fashion-inspired designs with unprecedented depth.

Bottom Left: Pearls
Luxurious-feeling formula delivers sheer, all-over luminosity and a camera-ready finish.

Bottom Right: Ribbon
The color is so pure, every shade blends seamlessly with any skin tone. 

Application instructions: 
  • Simply swirl the Cheek Brush in the powder and tap off excess. Start at the center of the dace and work out in a light, circular motion diffusing the powder as you go. Build colour in areas where you want extra warmth or highlights, like the apples of the cheeks, along the copy of cheekbones, temples, nose or chin. It can also be applied to the shoulders and decollete. 

It claims to be non-codemogenic, fragrance-free, tested for skin irritancy and allergy, and suitable for sensitive skin. 

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Luis Casco said that "Any woman could own all of these colors and get different effects from them. It gives a beautiful radiance to your skin. It is a great finishing product to give skin that last step of a subtle, modern, all-over luminosity."

9 out of 10 women claims that Sheer Dimensions Powder provides a flawless, high-definition finish after 1 week of testing the product. 97% said it creates a soft-focus effect and is easy to apply, 94% agreed it provides all-over luminosity and camera-ready complexion, 92% said it does not settle into fine lines, and skin looks fresh and radiant all day. 

Mary Kay Sheer Dimension Powder contains: 
  • Spherical Powders - give the formula an exceptionally smooth, velvety texture that feels soft and weightless on the skin and it won't settle into fine lines. 
  • Optical Diffusers - Reflect light for a radiant, soft-focus effect.
  • Plant Derived Ingredient - known for its skin softening and hydrating benefits.

Check out for more info and for purchasing. 

Check out the ONE WOMAN CAN Contest by Mary Kay and you may just be 
Mary Kay Cover Girl in Asia!

*Note that this is just to introduce you to the product, mostly out from the fact sheet. I have the one in Pearl, will be testing it out soon and review in on my blog. 

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Best Orientation [truth by me]

It is not to promote but it is more to brag about my awesome orientation that I had last week. It was nice to take 3 days break just to get to know about the company better and to visit places that we most probably will never get the chance to go again.

Of course, there are those talks from different department which sometimes can be dry or interesting depending on the speaker and if it relates to you. Other than that, it can also be interesting if it is dealing with sewage, waste, craps and etc. Lols. Ask any people who deals with sewage engineering and you can see all the used condoms floating around. Someone should probably run a DNA test to find out who the semen belongs to. Hahahaha!

It was an eye-opener trips to the mass production laundry area, to security department and see real heavy guns, to see extremely expensive rooms, and to visit crazy high betting casino areas. I almost fainted listening to true stories of how some guest could be willing to bet that amount of money. Yeah, #poorpeopleproblem , what to do. I want to buy a house also susah. Life....

Okay, enough talking and more pictures. Please forgive me for the rather lousy quality pictures because I was using my phone as it was the most convenient.

Unfortunately, I feel this is rather sad than something exciting. 

We visited the new Crockfords Suite...
We walked into the life of rich and famous. It's crazy because it is super luxurious but super expensive too. 

We visited the Genting Grand's penthouse...

We visited the laundry factory...
We wash almost 40 ton of bedsheets, towels, and pillow cases everyday! 

We visited Security Department...
We played with guns and saw many rescue gadgets and police dog!

Of course, there's more places I've visited but places like casinos do not allow photographer and places like boiler area where they produce hot water for the whole resort is rather boring because it is just one big hi-tech container there. I just took pictures of the places where I feel interesting and places that makes me look cool. Hehe.

Some awesome people I've met....


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