Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It was a different CNY...

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

It wasn't a norm for me to not join my family for reunion dinner and family visitation to Malacca and KL because for my entire 22 years of my life, that was what I did for every CNY. However, this year was an exception because it is my first year of working and I guess it is quite fair for a newbie to work on CNY. I thought it was going to be dreadful and a pity to work on a big celebration such as this festival but it wasn't really that bad when you have people you can mix with in the office. :)

Most of you probably already know where I work, its no secret because the pictures below already shout my company's name. It is so distinct that you won't even need to use your brains to figure it out. I guess I would like to share my working experience during this CNY period.

Officially my first angpow of the year from the office. Those working gets an angpow from the company :)

Collage pictures above is the Year of the Snake CNY Party for the underprivileged at GICC on the 7th February 2013. The lion dance troupe was super funny and adorable, they totally know how to entertain their guest. 500 special guest of all ages was there from 12 charitible bodies & association to welcome the year of the Snake with us. 

(top left) Before CNY, we just had to get our hands into "Lou Sang" before we can't sign our meal cards in most of the outlets we used to go due to the festive season. Also, on the 8th February at 8pm, we were invited to the opening of the new Genting Club (top right). 

For my reunion dinner on CNY eve, I blessed to have a joyful meal with a bunch of funny people of different department at the GICC, the food was extremely good too (bottom right). Besides having a great meal, I was also there to cover Hong Kong artist The Wynners performance (bottom left) 

Also on the eve of CNY, I was down at the 2nd check point to assist in packing and distributing mandarin oranges to guest going up to the resort. It was disgusting to work with bad oranges but extremely satified and happy after distributing 4000 bags of oranges because it is just amazing to see a smile on the customers face. :) 

We had firecrackers to celebrate the New Year, my first time watching 16 big ass firecrackers going one after another. Everyone was extremely pleased and were clapping and cheering after each cracker goes off. 

On the 2nd day of CNY, we had lion dance running around the resort and stunt performance on certain timing. Seriously, this is my first time having so many adorable, tame lions surrounding me. It was pretty much as if I see lions everywhere I go. 

This year's CNY wasn't just different but I guess in some ways, it is a good change. A good experience in life and definitely and eye opener. I may not collect as much ang pow but definitely did more good deeds.

How about you? How did you spend your CNY this year? 


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