Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Collagen #10daychallenge Aftermath. [Review]

WHAZZUPPPPPP! Okay, too much "That's my boy" movie already. Lols. Adam Sandler is always funny but this movie is a bit ridiculous but Leighton Meester is in it!!! Woohoo still loving Blair from Gossip Girl.

Anyway, I'm here to report my thoughts on the DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 drink after 10 days of consuming them. First of all, I think 7000 mgs is just nice as it is not too little like 5000 mgs or too much like 10 000 mgs. So if you think you are new to collagen and want something a little stronger but not too much till you are scare for being too high maintenance in the future, 7000 mgs would be just perfect. I'm not sure how exactly this is sold in Watson cause 1 box comes with 10 bottles, so I would assume that it will be a little more expensive than others. DHC also sells skincare products, you can check them out in any Watson nearest to you. I believe their products in general is quite good.

I love that it is sour, in some ways kills the fishy taste/smell that some collagen drink might have. I love the idea of adding grape juice concentrate because who doesn't like grape juice. Yummm. Thus, I don't have much problem drinking this every night before bed except for one night, I forgot and slept without it. Terrible mistake cause I felt horribly tired the next day and felt so sleepy through the day. :( So yeah, this personally helps me to feel more awake and alert the next day. Also, I do see an improvement with my under eyes dark circle, I have a huge problem with my dark circles because I am rather fair toned myself. So it will be very obvious when I do not have enough sleep. With this drink, my dark circles seemed lighter and less obvious. 

I do feel my skin is somewhat better however, I can't testify on it making my skin feels firmer and younger because like 'duh', at my age, I can't really tell you that especially when I only consume them for 10 days. Maybe, only maybe if you consume it longer like 1 months or so, then okay fair enough if you find yourself having a tighter face. Lols. 

I did a video review on this to also test out how the Samsung Galaxy Camera will be for vlogging. As you may see, it is quite bad because it keeps unfocus and focus and unfocus again. :( Still, not the point for this blogpost. Will talk more specifically on the Samsung Camera soon. Stay Tuned!

What are your thoughts on collagen drinks? 
Which have you tried? How was it?

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FurFer said...

hm... so much hype on Samsung Galaxy Camera but it seems pretty bad lol. Anyway, is it worth to get them :D

JQLeeJQ said...

Can't denied that they take good pictures and the zoom is great but must take with a super steady pair of hands. I just don't really like to video, keeps going off focus. :( I personally would still opt for DSLR.