Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chin Swee Chinese New Year Carnival 2013

Part of the fun I had during this CNY season. 

I wrote about how I spent my Chinese New Year this year at the office previously and this time I would like to share about the Chin Swee Carnival in conjunction with this year's CNY. Well, I heard they have it every year but this is my first time. :) 

For me, I usually will take the Awana Skyway to go down to Chin Swee but I heard there is a notice stating that it will be close for good after this 2013 CNY due to some reasons. The only way would be taking the free shuttle bus from First World Bus Terminal. 

Chin Swee Temple is an extremely beautiful place, you don't have to be a buddhist to visit the place. It is open for public, a tourist spot. I really do love the view if the weather condition is clear. In fact, I went down again after work today just to enjoy the view and have some nice food with my colleagues. 

The carnival wasn't big, it was rather small but there are some interesting things to be seen. Some of the food really reminds me of the times I was visiting China. How I miss China. Well, if you got a chance, do visit Chin Swee :) 


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Choi Yen said...

The carnival until when?

JQLeeJQ said...

Choi Yen, carnival ends on the 17th. Over d :(