Thursday, February 28, 2013

Have you got your Beautiful Surprises?

We all love surprises that are beautiful.

Hey girls! Yes, I'm finally back with a blogpost. I've been in hiatus for the month of February because there's just so much to do at work and it's CNY craze that really gets me away from my beloved blog and youtube. I really, really want to try to do more videos. So yes, more beauty videos coming from me really soon. 

I finally had time to do an unboxing of the Vanity Trove Malaysia beauty box. I love how they packaged it and it definitely smells good upon opening. I would give two thumbs up for the good quality products, some of them are made in England, France and Korea. The only thing I'm a little disappointed is that they do not have any full size product, I would love this box more if they had fit in at least one full size product. Also, I've heard that many other beauty bloggers was hoping for some cosmetics in the box, which I totally agree. It would be nice to have a couple of make-up to play with. Though, personally, I would love to receive more skincare products. :) 

So check them out, I'm sure they will improve with their next box at


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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chin Swee Chinese New Year Carnival 2013

Part of the fun I had during this CNY season. 

I wrote about how I spent my Chinese New Year this year at the office previously and this time I would like to share about the Chin Swee Carnival in conjunction with this year's CNY. Well, I heard they have it every year but this is my first time. :) 

For me, I usually will take the Awana Skyway to go down to Chin Swee but I heard there is a notice stating that it will be close for good after this 2013 CNY due to some reasons. The only way would be taking the free shuttle bus from First World Bus Terminal. 

Chin Swee Temple is an extremely beautiful place, you don't have to be a buddhist to visit the place. It is open for public, a tourist spot. I really do love the view if the weather condition is clear. In fact, I went down again after work today just to enjoy the view and have some nice food with my colleagues. 

The carnival wasn't big, it was rather small but there are some interesting things to be seen. Some of the food really reminds me of the times I was visiting China. How I miss China. Well, if you got a chance, do visit Chin Swee :) 


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Friday, February 15, 2013

The PUMA Suede: 45 Years Fresh #ForTheStreet

In 2013, the Future Suede is born.

Future Suede retains the signature 1968 profile of the Classic Suede but that's where all the familial looks end. It's light on weight, light on suede, and has some serious futuristic tweaks: a lightweight bottom, painted midsole, and neoprene tongue. It's decked out with PUMA Trinomic hexagons, heels clips, and eyelets. Not to mention a varnished tonal nylon and synthetic suede Formstrip for an all-over ultramodern aesthetic. It doesn't take a teleport to another 45 years to know that this future will one day become legend. 

The Spring-Summer 2013, PUMA marks The Suede's 45th year of changing the game and the release of the Future Suede, with a massive celebration through contests, events, exhibitions, TV and digital activities across Asia-Pacific. 

Contest #1
The 2058 Future Suede Designing Contest

They are calling for an interpretation of the Future Suede in the year 2058. With the Suede template provided at , 30 top designs submitted to PUMA will be selected and exhibited. The designing contest will begin on 18th January to 1st March 2013. A winning design will be selected to win the grand prize of PUMA products worth RM2000, 2 VIP passes for the PUMA Evolution finale event, and meet & greet with artiste at the event. 

Contest #2
The 'Evolution of Suede' Instagram Contest

This calls the public to post pictures of your personal collection of the Suede, a photo of a favourite street icon or your design of the 2058 Future Suede. Either way, with the hashtag #ForTheStreet, fans can become part of the timeline with other fans, worldwide. PUMA fans can also take pictures with iconic props available in PUMA outlets. The contest starts on the 25th February 2013. 
For more info on 'Evolution of the Suede', visit from 18th February 2013 for the full campaign content. The Future Suede is now available at PUMA outlets in One Utama, Bangsar Village 2, Pavilion KL, Queensbay Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Suria KLCC and The Gardens. 


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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It was a different CNY...

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

It wasn't a norm for me to not join my family for reunion dinner and family visitation to Malacca and KL because for my entire 22 years of my life, that was what I did for every CNY. However, this year was an exception because it is my first year of working and I guess it is quite fair for a newbie to work on CNY. I thought it was going to be dreadful and a pity to work on a big celebration such as this festival but it wasn't really that bad when you have people you can mix with in the office. :)

Most of you probably already know where I work, its no secret because the pictures below already shout my company's name. It is so distinct that you won't even need to use your brains to figure it out. I guess I would like to share my working experience during this CNY period.

Officially my first angpow of the year from the office. Those working gets an angpow from the company :)

Collage pictures above is the Year of the Snake CNY Party for the underprivileged at GICC on the 7th February 2013. The lion dance troupe was super funny and adorable, they totally know how to entertain their guest. 500 special guest of all ages was there from 12 charitible bodies & association to welcome the year of the Snake with us. 

(top left) Before CNY, we just had to get our hands into "Lou Sang" before we can't sign our meal cards in most of the outlets we used to go due to the festive season. Also, on the 8th February at 8pm, we were invited to the opening of the new Genting Club (top right). 

For my reunion dinner on CNY eve, I blessed to have a joyful meal with a bunch of funny people of different department at the GICC, the food was extremely good too (bottom right). Besides having a great meal, I was also there to cover Hong Kong artist The Wynners performance (bottom left) 

Also on the eve of CNY, I was down at the 2nd check point to assist in packing and distributing mandarin oranges to guest going up to the resort. It was disgusting to work with bad oranges but extremely satified and happy after distributing 4000 bags of oranges because it is just amazing to see a smile on the customers face. :) 

We had firecrackers to celebrate the New Year, my first time watching 16 big ass firecrackers going one after another. Everyone was extremely pleased and were clapping and cheering after each cracker goes off. 

On the 2nd day of CNY, we had lion dance running around the resort and stunt performance on certain timing. Seriously, this is my first time having so many adorable, tame lions surrounding me. It was pretty much as if I see lions everywhere I go. 

This year's CNY wasn't just different but I guess in some ways, it is a good change. A good experience in life and definitely and eye opener. I may not collect as much ang pow but definitely did more good deeds.

How about you? How did you spend your CNY this year? 


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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Collagen #10daychallenge Aftermath. [Review]

WHAZZUPPPPPP! Okay, too much "That's my boy" movie already. Lols. Adam Sandler is always funny but this movie is a bit ridiculous but Leighton Meester is in it!!! Woohoo still loving Blair from Gossip Girl.

Anyway, I'm here to report my thoughts on the DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 drink after 10 days of consuming them. First of all, I think 7000 mgs is just nice as it is not too little like 5000 mgs or too much like 10 000 mgs. So if you think you are new to collagen and want something a little stronger but not too much till you are scare for being too high maintenance in the future, 7000 mgs would be just perfect. I'm not sure how exactly this is sold in Watson cause 1 box comes with 10 bottles, so I would assume that it will be a little more expensive than others. DHC also sells skincare products, you can check them out in any Watson nearest to you. I believe their products in general is quite good.

I love that it is sour, in some ways kills the fishy taste/smell that some collagen drink might have. I love the idea of adding grape juice concentrate because who doesn't like grape juice. Yummm. Thus, I don't have much problem drinking this every night before bed except for one night, I forgot and slept without it. Terrible mistake cause I felt horribly tired the next day and felt so sleepy through the day. :( So yeah, this personally helps me to feel more awake and alert the next day. Also, I do see an improvement with my under eyes dark circle, I have a huge problem with my dark circles because I am rather fair toned myself. So it will be very obvious when I do not have enough sleep. With this drink, my dark circles seemed lighter and less obvious. 

I do feel my skin is somewhat better however, I can't testify on it making my skin feels firmer and younger because like 'duh', at my age, I can't really tell you that especially when I only consume them for 10 days. Maybe, only maybe if you consume it longer like 1 months or so, then okay fair enough if you find yourself having a tighter face. Lols. 

I did a video review on this to also test out how the Samsung Galaxy Camera will be for vlogging. As you may see, it is quite bad because it keeps unfocus and focus and unfocus again. :( Still, not the point for this blogpost. Will talk more specifically on the Samsung Camera soon. Stay Tuned!

What are your thoughts on collagen drinks? 
Which have you tried? How was it?

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Hello, my name is JQ & I will not leave home without Arty!

If you are wondering what am I talking about, let me introduce you to a whole brand new line of cosmetics. 
Say hello to Arty Professional Cosmetics

I always get uber excited when I see cosmetics or products lying on the table just waiting for me to play with them. Arty Professional makes sense to me as they are formulated for individuals to express their creativity through the art of makeup. 

The Arty Professional team was kind enough to fly over their Creative Director from Thailand, P'Fee to talk to us more about this new range. He was so nice to go table to table just to check on us. Also, he did a demo that I feel wow because he literally changed the girl's look from being plain to extremely hot. The only tough thing was the language barrier, he was talking thai all way through and all I heard was "kap kap kap...". Funny. 

While the demo was on-going, some of us also took the time to do a little makeover ourself. Mainly to test and feel the products. 

You see how big the bronzer ?! I was so excited holding this big thing!

Okay, enough of the event. Now let's take a look on the real thing. Arty Professional brand's philosophy is to have a perfect base for a flawless skin. A flawless and radiant complexion is the perfect canvas for a beautiful makeup. All makeup will look great only if the base is perfect. Thus, among the whole pile of cosmetics, they focus heavily on the Complexion Modifier and the Sparkling Primer. These are their key seller. Note that all their products smells a tiny hint of fresh fragrance, nothing too strong. 

Sparkling Primer (one on the right most, standing tall and slim in light pink) 
It claims to give a glow from within and is able to diminish dullness with a luminous dewy complexion and replace the appearance of fatigue with instant vitality. Well, I can't deny that the pink tone does help to give a brighter and glowy skin. Also, after blending it in, you will see some shimmer particles. I assume is the vitamin E particles that made appear as shimmers. It takes some effort to actually blend the products into the skin, this is probably due to the fact that is it so moisturizing. 

Complexion Modifier (Lilac, Mint Green & Apricot) 
These are unique complexion enhancer exclusively formulated to minimize imperfections and modify skin tone. The 3 shades is to specifically address individual skin concerns depending on your corrective needs to put your best face forward. 

Lilac hues are goo for dull and sallow complexions due to melanin accumulation to give it a natural healthy glow. Apply on areas where the sun would normally hit your face like the cheekbones, nose and chin to make the appear brighter and younger. 

Mint Green helps to neutralize and camouflage too much flush and redness either from sun or acne. It is also great for correcting uneven skin tones. 

Apricot gives you a fresh, luminous finish. It is ideal for lightening dark under-eye circles and naturally helps brighten olive to dark complexions for a radiant base. 

Technologically advanced encapsulation process helps to contain and stabilize all active ingredients inside the biopolymer capsules isolated from the clear moisturizing  gel to minimise oxidation for optimum product efficacy. It is designed to be released and mixed together only when dispensed through the nozzle. 
  • Nano Active White System, Nanospheres Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin C help to decrease signs of premature aging and naturally brighten skin tone. 
  • Sodium Hyaluronate helps restore skin moisture to keep it soft and supple. 
  • Witch Hazel Extracts and Vitamin E promote healthy skin by neutralizing free-radicals. 
  • Oryzanol acts as a natural suncreen for added protection against the sun. 
Application: Before applying foundation, spread a small amount on specific areas of the face and neck with fingertips. Suitable for all skin types. 

Extra Moisturizing Liquid Foundation SPF15 PA+++
An ultra-light long wearing foundation with nano seaweed and special skin conditioning ingredients to restore essential moisture deep within the skin. Again, because it is so moisturizing, it takes much effort to blend it into the skin. Though, after blending, it looks good. :) 

Lip Balms (Left) & Nudy Lip Colour (Right)
Smooth and moisturizing.

Marvelous Lip Gloss (Left) 
Expertise Translucent Loose Powder (Top Right)
Nail polishes (Bottom Right)

Powder Blush (Top)
Touch Up Powder (Bottom) - New twist on powders, this multi-palette luminise, brightens and sets makeup with a radiant, satin-like finish. 

Waterproof Mascara (Top) - contains nylon fibres, Trichogen and Pro-Vitamin B5 to help strengthen every lash. 
Mania Face Color or Eye shadows (Bottom)

More Mania Face Color or Eye shadows (Top)
Lashes (Bottom)

Shimmer Compact Powder
Super shimmery, please don't apply all over the face or you will end up shining brighter than a star. Though, they are extremely beautiful, use it as highlights, eye shadow or as shimmer for the neck and shoulder areas for you to show off some beautiful skin. 

One of the sets they have. 

OHHHH, and I managed to walk away with an amazing Special Edition Arty Professional Mivva Box! :D More goodies from Arty. Thank you so much Arty Professional, I had so much fun!

Will review their products soon :) Stay Tuned! 

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