Thursday, January 3, 2013

The battle of the facial cleaning wipes | Simple vs Purederm [Review]

Let the battle begin!

Due to my working life, I have been applying cosmetics almost everyday. My main make-up routine includes medium coverage liquid foundation/medium coverage BB cream, bit of powder, mascara, eyebrows and blusher. Thus, after a long day, I do need a good set of remover to cleanse my skin and pores.

I had this Purederm Make-up remover cleansing tissues first and have been using it even when I travel anywhere while I was on holiday. As much as I do like it being in a box, it definitely not very friendly when travelling with it as the box will get smashed by other things as it takes up a little more space. After a while, the box gets ugly, doesn't look very nice on my vanity table. 

The awesome part is that it does have 30 pre-moistened tissues in it, which is more than other wipes that I have seen on the beauty counter. Mostly only have about 25 wipes and below. Price wise, it was between RM14-RM16. I got it from Watson, I can't really remember the price. 

When I started to feel the hassle of travelling back to my parent's house with so much beauty product in my bag, I decided to just buy another brand of facial wipes so that I can keep one in my parent's house and one in my room up in the hill. I bought Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes from Watson too (yes, I think I'm a Watson whore, for some reason I will always choose Watson over other available pharmacy  no I don't own a Watson card). 

It comes with 25 wipes and is in a nice, thick, plastic packaging which makes it easy to travel. The cover still sticks on to the plastic nicely even after having it for about 3 weeks already. It was also about the same price as the rest of the wipes, roughly RM14-RM16. I always only buy anything with discounts unless I know and trust the brand and when I can't live without a certain product only I would pay full price for an item. I was probably sucked in with the whole "No.1 UK Cleanser Brand" thus reaching out to this. Annoying brand packaging. 

This is pretty much how they look like. 

Purederm has a thinner tissue but just slightly bigger in size as compared to Simple. Because it is thinner, it is not as comfortable and it might feel as it is a little rough on the skin. Simple tissue looks & feels more compact though is a little smaller. They are both equally strong and does not tear easily. 

I feel Simple does a better job in cleaning my face plus it feels more comfortable. Though, wiping off mascara is not as simple, it still requires some effort of wiping a couple times on my lashes. I would suggest to use oil based remover that is specially for eyes & lips when it comes to mascara, soak it in a cotton pad & hold it on the eyes for a few seconds before wiping away. It is much gentle to your eyes rather than keep wiping with these wipes. Purederm is pretty much scent-less but Simple have that "Simple" skincare scent. 

Even after using this wipes, i do not just stop there, I use another oil cleanser to remove the residue before proceeding to my facial wash. I will review on the cleasing oil & makeup remover soon. 

I like using wipes as a pre-cleanse because I get to see my makeup residue on the tissue. Is a stupid psychological thing where sometimes when you are able to see, you will then only believe it is removing my makeup. Also, sometimes, I like to just remove my makeup first, do other things such as going online, watch tv & etc, before going into the shower to cleanse my face. So it is pretty much like refreshing myself for relaxation time before hitting the shower for bed time. :) 

Do you have a favorite cleansing wipes? Share your experience by commenting!
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ann-cheaerng said...

I love the biore ones <3 it leaves the skin soft and super moist! should give it a try too..

ann-cheaerng said...

i love biore ones..try it! it leaves the skin super moist and super clean..

Yuh Jiun said...

wow looks nice! :)

Yuh Jiun said...

looks nice! :)))

illy ariffin said...

tried simple :) not bad.. havent tried purederm before.. thanks for the review :)

JQLeeJQ said...

Chea erng, I've yet to try the biore ones cause i heard lots of good review but i feel is a bit expensive. :)

Yuh jiun, Thanks! :)

illy, no problem :)