Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Universal Traveller leggings was torn, not so super excellent brand. [Review]

I won RM100 voucher from Travel3Sixty magazine and like a super excited kid I flashed to one of the Universal Traveller store in Mid Valley to redeem my voucher. I managed to redeem something extremely practical for me and my job environment, a Thermal Legging. The material was thick and comfortable plus I trusted the quality. Unfortunately I can only redeem one thing because this legging cost RM99. I know right, so expensive for just a legging. 

I finally wore them one of my working day when I knew that day would be an total freezing day outside. Happily I dressed up in all black as the picture above. Again, the leggings was awesome, super comfy. Until, after lunch when I went to the loo to pee, I found out one of the sewn section is ripped apart. What the FREAK!!! AFTER ONLY 1 WEAR of half a day!!!

I mean, when we get something that is branded & expensive, we expect a little more quality in the product. I never have any problems with any of my other cheap leggings. I don't know what in the world did I do that it made a hole in my leggings :( I know I can and I will sew it back but I guess this is a lesson learnt that not always branded items hold a top notch quality. 

Not so SUPER Excellent Brand anymore I guess. 

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Isabel said...

omg that's such a big hole!

TheJessicat.com said...

LOL it's torn at such a perfect.... part too. LOL

Jessying said...

my uniqlo heat tech legging better than this leh.. wore them to japan during winter and it was great!!!! Price is cheaper than this by half!!! Universal traveller products are really overpriced, somemore now quality so bad... SIGH!!!!

JQLeeJQ said...

Isabel & Jessicat, yeah consider big hole for that perfect area. Lols.

Jess, I was damn surprise, I tot it was going to be really good quality cause it was freaking RM99. Totally man, more expensive doesn't mean it is better.