Thursday, January 3, 2013

Loreal Glam Shine Miss Candy Lipgloss [Review]

Shiny, Glossy and so sweet like candy.

Loreal sent me this lipgloss some time ago and I've recently found time to review it. I feel that I don't really have much to say about but to just show you the swatches on lips & on the back of my hand. Is a normal size gloss tube with a nice silver cap but through my experience, the nice silver cap will fade or chip after some time hiding in your cosmetic closet. I like that they call their gloss in sweet names such as mine is called Miss Marshmallow :) It is the lightest colour among the three. I feel the swirls in the tube is really cute and wil definitely attracts the younger market and those suckers towards packaging, like me.

I don't have much issue with the short, tear drop applicator. I think it picks up a good amount of products for my lips. It comes out more pink than orange and it is quite sticky thus you can expect that it slightly long lasting. I'm not sure about other colours but for mine, it looks like a clear gloss with tiny orange glitters on it. Though, I believe that the other two seem more promising on colour pay-off cause they look rather bright and bold. I don't really like how it smell, like most of loreal glosses, it reminds me of plastic candies but it goes away after a while so it doesn't bothers me much. :) 

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What do you think? :)

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Fibieelyh said...

I love it! so glossy :) the color look very pretty too....

JQLeeJQ said...

I know :D but i just dont really like how it smells