Sunday, January 13, 2013

DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 with Watson [Media Launch]

After a fun meeting with #FashionFabulous people, Jess invited me to join a new collagen launch by Watson at Fukuya Japanese Restaurant, KL. Since I was not rushing to anywhere, why not. Blindly I sat in her car following her without knowing who will be there & what is the event about. It was a beautiful restaurant serves rather delicious Japanese dishes makes us forget about the unfortunate limited parking space.

I noticed Tey Cindy was there holding a mic and definitely can't miss out the presence of Chessie (Ringo) & Fourfeetnine (Audrey) was there too. Okay... So what's going on???

As I walked in deeper & deeper, I saw 2 girls in kimono holding big card board of DHC 7000, well at least that's all I can read from the board. By the shape of the board, I would be plain blur if I didn't know it was collagen drink since it is super hyped up these days. I have been meaning to try collagen drink, any collagen drink will do. Just so happen this event came along. :)

The actual product, 1 box comes with 10 bottles. Yes, we were given 1 box each to try. I'm taking it everyday for a #10daychallenge to see how well it works. I'm in my 4 day now. :)

They also did a simple and extremely basic skin test. If you go for regular facial, you can skip this in the event. Nothing much really but we girls still will kepo & test for fun. =_=

Yes, DHC have other skincare products as well which were pretty impressive, I was intrigued by their cleaner bar as it foamed up so well plus felt super creamy. You can find them in Watson. :)

We all tossed for great skin! Yay for first time tasting DHC Collagen Beauty 7000. First impression, not bad, quite yummy like grape juice. :) 

Hey there Jennie!

Fountain of Youth in a Bottle

Okay, it's time for the facts:

Making up 70% of the inner skin’s layer, Collagen is a protein that depletes drastically in the body after the age of 25, which then causes the onset of wrinkles and sagging skin. By supplementing with Collagen, there appears to be a parallel in effectively reversing the signs of aging from the inside. 

Originating from Japan, DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 is a high quality collagen drink that allows you to consume 7,000 mgs of fish Collagen in one bottle. Vitamin C and other essential ingredients are also added to enhance its efficiency to promote collagen synthesis. Exclusive only to Watson’s stores, another key indication of DHC Collagen Beauty 7000’ efficacy appears to be its modified – lowered - molecular size which enables the body to absorb its ingredients with relative ease. 

Test results show drinking DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 every night before going to bed for 3 consecutive months increased skin elasticity by 26%, and up to 46% in skin moisture. Muscat grape juice and honey have been added for freshness and taste.
A review will be up after me finishing up all the 10 bottles. Stay Tuned!

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Unknown said...

How was it after 10 days?
Hye JQ Lee may i ask how did u cure acne and scars on your forehead? Drop me an email here. Thanks.

JQLeeJQ said...

I like it. :)

It helps to make me feel more energetic the next day and helped with my dark circles under eyes. It didn't help for acne. Scars I dont think you can see a result with just 10 bottles. you will probably need to have a longer intake period to feel the difference.