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AsterSpring O2 Acu Energizing therapy [review]

Everytime I post on FB/Instagram "I need to clear my skin" or "I need to take better care of my skin", some people will reply "You already have very nice skin" or "Your skin is already good". Then, I look into the mirror, Shzzzzzzzzz where got nice my skin?! It's dry, can see open pores, blackheads & crazy horrible congested forehead. :( Emo....

I have to admit, when I see myself, I don't see myself as fair until I see a picture standing beside a not so fair person. I see myself as being fair when I put my hands together with a not so fair person. When I look into a mirror, I will criticize my flaws. I'm not perfect but I am happy about my good sides. :) So yes, I am glad & proud to be fair. Other than just being fair, of course as a girl, we still want to look better & maintain skin better. It has to be smooth & supply, moisturized clear looking skin.

I was happy to receive an invitation by AsterSpring to try out their new facial therapy, the O2 Acu Energizing therapy. Uniquely combining scientific knowledge and holistic healing knowledge to effectively fight dull, uneven skin with visible pores while relieving stress from the body, it provides three-in-one skin perfecting solution that revitalizes, replenishes and restores cellular energy while effectively de-stressing.

Fun facts about this therapy:

Coupled with the powerful combination of pure oxygen infusing machine therapy, the unique therapeutic facial massage therapy and the usage of soothing aromatic oils, one is immediately relieved of physical and mental stress. The unique and innovative O2 Acu Energizing Therapy works as it benefits the skin in three major ways. It repairs the skin’s smoothness; helping the skin regains textural softness and reconditions for an even skin tone. This is done effectively through the activation of lymph circulation and re-oxygenation of cells, a vital process to ensure detoxification and revitalization for a healthier skin functions. 

Good lymphatic circulation is essential to skin health as it promotes internal and external detoxification, hence increasing the skin’s immunity, as well as preserves nerve-muscles functions. The human lymphatic system, made up of fine vessels and lymph nodes, filters waste and carry nutrients to the body’s cells. Blocked lymphatic circulation results in dull, tired skin with poor healing abilities. To activate lymphatic circulation, the O2 Acu Energizing Therapy starts with a blissfully relaxing AsterSpring Touch therapeutic massage. During this portion of the therapy, the therapist gently works on acupressure points to awaken the body’s energy chakras, stimulate toxin drainage, as well as perform anti-stress remodeling strokes. Delightfully soothing aromatic oils are used for this part of the session, with the therapist concentrating on tensed muscles, tenderly kneading the stress away while circulating nourishment to the cells. 

Oxygen, the elixir of life - provides vital energy to living cells so that they can function at optimum levels. An increased dosage into the cells provides energy to skin cells and promotes tissue healing. The re-oxygenation process through the infusion of pure oxygen instantly regulates healthy skin functions. The delivery of oxygen via machine application is used to replenish and recharge tired skin by boosting oxygen uptake into 14 vital facial acupressure points with non-invasive pulse-injection pressure. The machine is able to deliver deep penetration of pure oxygen up to 95% into the skin with effective penetration of 25 psi (pound of force per square inch) within 15 minutes. The deep pressure helps cell regeneration and lymph drainage by easing the flow of energy.

The AsterSpring Signature Treatment - O2 Acu Energizing Therapy is priced at RM 388 and RM428 (at AsterSpring Signature centers) for a treatment session of 1 hour 45 minutes per session. I did mine at One Utama outlet. :) 

To clarify, this is not so suitable for people with much acne or extremely sensitive skin. Please note that this is a therapy, not a treatment. 

I am very satisfies with it. Not much of result can be seen physically, just even up my skin tone a little bit.  What I am really happy about is that internally, I really do feel more relax and it helped to de-stress. I feel emotionally calm and serene plus the place was quiet and peaceful. A good environment does help in being relax. Trust me, not all facial salon understand the meaning of making your customer feel relax while doing facial. 

With this therapy, they do lots of facial massage, putting pressure at the right spots on the face. It is really an amazing relaxing therapy that I feel will be very suitable and helpful for student stressing with exams and assignment as well as working ladies that are constantly feeling stressful due to work. It really lifts up the mood after therapy. 

If you can see my forehead, yes, they did a little extraction and trust me it wasn't painful at all. Of course, it was really just a little extraction. Your face will definitely felt more moisturized after the therapy because it is meant to make you feel as your face is supple and hydrated. 

They pump in the oxygen using a machine that sounded like they are pumping air into car tyres. It was rather cooling and fun. They also did shoulder and a little back massage. It was superb. I think I slept during the session, so malu "embarrassing". Lols. I hope I did not snore. 

Would I recommend this? Yes I would but for relaxation and de-stressing purposes. Of course, I can't see much result with one therapy, you will need a couple sessions of this. All I can say now is that my skin felt happier after the therapy, I feel much happier after the therapy, my head felt lighted after the therapy, everything just seemed so good after the therapy. It's like after eating your  comfort food or hugging someone you love. I'm sure you get what I mean by now. :)

For more information on the all-new AsterSpring Signature Treatment -  O2 Acu Energizing Therapy, products, and promotions, please log on to AsterSpring website at and official Facebook page at, or call AsterSpring Customer Service Careline at  (603) 7809 6666 from Mondays to Fridays during normal business hours. 


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I've always liked Aster Spring! :) Got several products of theirs at home hehe

JQLeeJQ said..., U mean dermalogica? YEAH! I used to use them too. They are awesome. I actually miss using them :)