Saturday, December 29, 2012

Skinfood Concept Re-launch at The Mines + Watery Berry Skincare launch [Event]

Skinfood would like to introduce a fresh new look for its stores based on provincial European grocery concept shop after being in the beauty & skincare market for 7 years. I was there to enjoy the first-hand experience of this unique shopping journey through their new amazing looking concept store. I personally thinks that it looks great, looks really western + korean modern looking store that does have the effect of inviting girls & ladies into the store for some cosmetics & beauty shopping therapy.

This was the sale they had for Christmas, well, I guess we can say that it's over now. They did had some cools stuff in the 12 days of Christmas sale. :) 

Introducing the new Watery Berry Skincare line.
As usual, they didn't go cheap on the packaging, the range looks amazing. Watery Barry range is inspired by this Christmas Winter holiday. It is filled with nutrition such as lingonberries, cloudberries and arctic raspberries from the frozen north combining with the famous hyaluronic acid for a soft, dewy complexion. 

My favorite on the first look is the Blending Cream because of its unique clear jelly covering the white snowy cream inside a nice pot. I've tried the range on the back of my hands and true enough, it does have that cool sensation like in the winter. 

I was given some samples that may not be sufficient to give you a complete review. I would probably only review the mask in the future. I would highly suggest you to go to the store to test them out first before getting the whole set. Maybe try asking a some samples so you can try to see if it suits your skin. 

Other than the samples, I managed to pick out some of the products that are probably more useful to me at the moment. :) 

Chlorella Peeling Gel
I've tried it only once and I'm not exactly loving it at all. 
I'm not really sure why, probably suits oily skin type better. 
I might just give it away to whoever wants to try it. I will teach you how to use this soon. 

Milk Shake Point Make-up Remover
Now this I am loving so far, I'm really glad I purchased this because first of all it looks amazing. Secondly, it smells good and thirdly, it removes make up well. So yay for this!

Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil
I think this is alright, I like that it has a double ended side of brush & brow pencil. The color that the lady picked for me was quite suitable for an everyday natural brow look which is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm still quite new at keeping my brows in shape, thus still in the midst of experimenting before going all crazy. This new pencil have been fun so far :) 

Keep updated with me for more reviews & event! 

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Unknown said...

Everything feels very berry berry.. hahaha.. toner, cream and even mask is berry.. haha

shu said...

i would like to have Chlorella Peeling Gel because i have oily skin :)

JQLeeJQ said...

sarah, yeah but sadly they only gave samples. so too bad.

Shu, email me, we can discuss how to pass over :)