Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shizens Hydro Liposome Essential [Review]

I received this from the Shizens Hydro range launch and have been using it day & night for the whole month of November. If I were to do a November favorites, this will be in the list for sure.

We are suppose to treat this like a serum, thus the usual, after toner & before moisturizer routine. I like how cool the product looks, the packaging is solid & good quality with a fun looking white balls in the air tight pump bottle. It reminds me of a product that I had once in China, it was pearl balls in a pot where I have to scoop one ball out each time I use it. So chio! It was so long ago, I think I was like 15 or something. Lols.

I have a medium to small face size, thus most of the time, I don't really need to take out too much product. For this I will just pump 3/4 and rub between my fingers then massage onto my face until it absorbs. If you look closely, the serum actually contains vitamin E particles that looks like tiny glitters, seriously! Though, that don't really bothers me now. 

The thing with this product is that is absorbs extremely fast! I don't know is it my face problem or it is just a really fast absorbing product. I don't think my skin was so extremely dehydrated till it absorbs so quickly. Because I have dry skin, I usually do like products to linger on the skin for a while before absorbing. Also, once it absorbs, it does make the skin feels a little dry. But I guess, this is a serum, it is not suppose to act as a moisturizer, the wonders work below the epidermis. :) 

I guess those with oily skin type will love this product as it doesn't leave a layer of something on the skin. I like this product because I think my skin, especially the cheeks area was getting rosier and face seems a little fairer after using this. It didn't break me out or caused any bad reaction to my skin. So yeah, I will definitely continue using this product once I'm done reviewing another serum. :)


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