Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shizens Eye Charm Powder Mascara [Review]

Ohla *Flap my lashes a thousand times*

I received this product from a Shizens Hydro series launch sometime ago and I wasn't very interested or have time to try this fibre mascara as I was so used to the traditional mascara and also due to a friend's unpleasant comments about this mascara. Thus, I didn't have the great excitement to want to try this out but it's nice to have it laying around my room. hahaha! I know such a douchebag. 

What & how to use it?
So the idea of this mascara is just black fibre powders in it and you are suppose to press it on to your lashes after applying any other traditional mascara you have. In some ways, those wet mascara is like a base for the fibres to stick on your lashes which supposes to thicken and lengthen the lashes. If you want a thicker lashes, focus more near the roots of the lashes while for longer lashes, dab more towards the ends of the lashes. 

I think someone told me before that you can keep layering the tips to add super length. Probably you got to go back and forth dabbing the wet mascara at the tips then dab the fibre mascara at the tips as well. Keep doing it until you get a satisfied length. 

Personal opinion
I am lucky to have naturally longer lashes thus I'm not crazy about extending it till it touches my brows. Due to habits, I do sometimes accidentally drag the brush through my lashes, no harm done but it made is super messy. Trust me, the fibre lands all over my lids and under eyes, which is not flattering and not that easy to brush off especially after all your hard work spent on painting the perfect eyeshadow on your lids. Also, you know how I love to apply mascara on my lower lashes but with this I didn't try yet cause I'm afraid of getting it into my eyes. Though, after applying, I was afraid that the fibres will fall during the day but it wasn't that bad, no fall-outs but did get a little smudges on my lids as I have rather oily lids. I did quite like the dark lashes effect it gave me and I believe it can really give me a thicker lashes. So this mascara is alright if you apply properly. :)

Have you tried it? A yay or nay for you?
Let me know!


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choi yen said...

Not really practical huh >.<

FurFer said...

Hmm... It's different for me though. The fibre keep falling :(

Unknown said...

The fiber was falling all over my eyes !! hahaha.. like smudges.

missuschewy said...

Heyhey JQ! Dropping by to say hello! ;)

CK said...

You have to use the mascara first, then apply the fibres (eye charm) and then seal off with mascara - then you won't have any issues! Also I find that leaning over the sink whilst applying the fibres helps to avoid fibres falling on your face. Hope that helps!