Monday, December 17, 2012

Selsun Dandruff & Scalp Treatment Shampoo [Review]

Is my reviews getting weird-er? Lols, I mean like now, I am going to review about an anti-dandruff shampoo that I absolutely adore! Yes, it is through experience, that's why I review products. and no, this wasn't given, it was purchased.

I would say I've had this bottle of shampoo for almost 6 months now. I remember during April till about July or August this year, I've been out there looking for the greatest anti-dandruff of all time. Well, mostly because I was a victim suffering from horrible dandruff. It was really really bad, trust me. I have friends who can testify to this statement. I love wearing black or dark outfits but I get so conscious wearing them, I keep looking over to my shoulders and sweeping those white particles away.

Yet again, my pharmacist sister & brother-in-law came to the rescue and suggested me this to try. Most of you may not have seen this because it is not a counter product that you can see it laying around the drug store. I guess you would have to ask for it as it is a "prescription" kind of product. So I just follow the provided instructions at the back and OMG, I swear, this is the best anti-dandruff shampoo I've ever used! Seriously.

The first time, I shampoo-ed once, leave it for a while, rinse & repeat the steps for another round. The next day, you can see less dandruff already. I kept using it for almost 1-2 weeks on alternate days, my dandruff totally goes off! Like permanently! So I just stop using it but still keep the remaining in case, it comes back again. Which recently I've tried out some tonic for anti-hair fall, I got a feeling its coming back again, thus I just stop using the tonic. So far is still good :) 

I guess is not really like a shampoo, it is more like a treatment liquid as it doesn't bubbles up like a shampoo does. You main focus should be massaging the scalp & leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing & repeat. Shaking the bottle well is really important too because the good stuff might just sink at the bottom of the bottle. :) The yellow, chalky liquid consistency is thin thus it slips through your hands rather easily not like the regular shampoo. It is also said to be great for skin treatments but I have never tried it on my skin before as I don't suffer from any skin problems. :) Thank God!

Again, I swear that this is the best product to treat your dandruff!


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Unknown said...

I've been using this ever since I was a kid whenever there's dandruff. Lol My dandruff is the worst ever! But selsun is getting expensive! One bottle 75ml cost me Rm17 previous was like rm8! Mad expensive now days

JQLeeJQ said...

Usual lo, price goes up but we remain the same. Maybe you need to use in a longer period. But then again maybe is different scalp cause I use others and make my dandruff worst.

Miss Sunflower said...

Where can i get this shampoo?

Unknown said...

I bought this yesterday after I read ur review. I found it at the Guardian "Pharmacy counter". You can't found it at the rack as I ask the pharmacy staff, he said that we can found this in most of pharmacy shop. Now the 75ml already cost about RM23++ and 125ml is RM34++.
Last night only one wash, it have reduce my itchy and dandruff. Will try to use it on alternate day for few weeks and see whether it really will work or no.