Friday, December 21, 2012

Sandwich, Wings & more... [Food Looks]

+Colin Gan & I were hanging around Tropicana while waiting for our Jack Reacher Premier Screening with Nuffnang to start. We stumbled across a new restaurant called Stacks, I guess what attracted us was the classic American looking sandwich store with the black & white checkered tiling, the hanging triangle lighting plus the may-not-be-working jukebox totally worked it.

The shop was actually really new and much have not been installed yet. According to the person-in-charge state that it will be officially launch only in January. Also, if you are a member of certain stores around the area, you'll get discounts. Of course, they also have student price discounts.

Could this be just another sandwich shop? Like Subway & O'Briens? Pricing wise, they are pretty much similar to the other two competitors. The idea is to stack as much of fillings you want, they will charge through the items that is stated on the menu. You can create your own sandwich or just pick one of the set menus that so far doesn't comes with drinks. 

Level of freshness, super fresh. Sadly, when we were there, the oven/griller or whatever you call the gadget to melt the cheese inside is not available yet. Thus, eating everything cold is such a healthy alternative. At leas I feel it was extremely healthy because it was cold. Haha. Also, apparently they do not use the traditional type of bread, he was telling something about the bread being spongy like a cake. Any-hu, it tasted yummy, how I know because I'm a bread lover. 

Drinks selected, rather limited but you have your regular caffeine selections, top brands juices & teas. Me being kepo, glancing through their fridge, I would agree that they only serve good quality/imported juices. 

Sandwich size, quite big for my size but average for guys. :) I'm quite satisfied with a size for the amount of money we paid for. Some picture below to show you the size comparing it to our mouth. 

Would I go back again, yes because I'm bias as I do have something-something for bread & sandwiches, I would choose them over rice & noodles all the time. Also, I do like the fact that they uses high quality juices even though drinking low grade juices with high sugar content doesn't bothers me. 

Price wise, it is kinda expensive for me but comparing to other sandwich outlets, it is around this price. By the way, the set is suppose to be RM17 not RM15 because he mixed up & told us the cheaper price in the beginning. Lols. So being a good businessman, he charged us only RM15. 


Other than tasting a good fresh sandwich randomly, I also had my very first McCafe! Wooooo *crowd screams* Lols. I have been wanting to experience the McCafe feel for a very long time, just so happens I had to wait for +Colin Gan while he is done with work. Thus, decided to crash the McCafe nearby his workplace. To be honest, I felt like a total noob, I even asked the McD counter if this is McCafe and stupidly I ordered from the McD counter before finding out the real McCafe counter is right behind me =_= If I knew, I would have ordered some cakes/muffins instead of the twister fries. The funniest was when the twister fries was ready, I stood there like a *dunguu* for about 30 seconds before asking do I go pick up my coffee from the McCafe counter? Burn..... the lady was also apologizing cause she forgot to inform me. HAHA! The funniest thing was, I went to the chilli station & took white sugar while complaining to myself why isn't there any brown sugar for a "cafe" standard. Little did I know, they had brown sugar when I was collecting my coffee at the McCafe station. So the ulu... & I couldn't resist myself to dump a mountain of chocolate powder on top of my cappuccino. :D Such a kid. 

Also, it was our 2nd anniversary on the 20th December. So he brought me over to Chilli Rush at Jaya One for some hot wings. We were adventurous and crazily did hot-ness level 7, we were gasping for air and refilling water like crazy throughout the meal. Lol.  

Recently, I've been really into drinking yogurt drinks every morning as I realized it helped with my digestions. Well, I am not promoting Nestle Bliss, because it was the only yogurt drink choice available up in Genting. They also only had the small bottle at the area nearest to my office. I only like the strawberry & mixed fruit flavor :) Mixed berries works well for me too. :D


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Koh Kian Fai said...


thanks for sharing buddy :)

Chuen said...

I tried the level 2 and I was already gulping down my ice water!

JQLeeJQ said...

Kian Fai, yeah, go try!

Chuen,hehe, we never try before and xiao xiao go take 7 already.