Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rosken Skin Repair Dry Skin Hydrating Lotion [Review]

Is it odd for me to review a lotion? Do any bloggers out there review a lotion before? Well, I guess personally I've never really taken lotions that seriously because most of the time if you are living in Malaysia, young girls don't really bother about having lotion on due to the humid weather of our country. I don't feel like it is a real necessity as compared to a face moisturizer. I've really only started using lotion since roughly a year back, maybe because when you are getting older, you tend to pay more attention on different parts of your body or skin.

So even before I've officially working in a cold, dry environment, I've be obsessed in applying lotion after every shower. I just don't like the feeling of being so dry after showering, it could also be that I've not been paying attention on what body shampoo I'm using. That's the funny thing, I like the clean feeling from using a body shampoo but I hate the dry after shower feeling. Such a hypocrite. =_= Being a girl is nasty.

Anyway, my sister somehow brought back a ton of Rosken lotion and clearly, I was extremely excited because well, I use lotion like a mad woman. So I brought this, the biggest bottle of lotion to my room at my workplace. I also kept a small hand carry in my office drawer & another medium size in my room at my parents house. They are all Rosken but different function/label on them.

I have been using this for the whole month of December after ever shower. This is not the best lotion I've used and honestly I don't think I've ever or will ever find one best lotion because all of them functions to moisturize your skin. I've been using this brand since I was young and the thing I've realize with Rosken is that it takes some work massaging the lotion into the skin. Some lotions just massage 2-3 times up & down the arms/legs it would just absorbs but with this, if you don't massage it in well, you can still see the white lotion on your skin. I would say this is because of the thicker than usual consistency of the lotion which I won't entirely categorize it as a bad lotion.

It really depends on what you need. Maybe if you are living in a humid environment, this may be a little to thick for you but if you are living in a cold, dry environment, this would do great for the skin. It does stays on well, I don't feel that the moisture went missing after a night of good rest, it stays on till the next morning. :)

Oh and btw, it a clinical type of lotion thus don't expect flowery scent from this lotion.


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• Sharon Phang • said...

consider ok liao lo for a pharmacy lotion XD
For serious moisturiser try using Body Shop body butter.. hehehe..

JQLeeJQ said...

sharon, but body shop body butter got heavy scent. I prefer something less scent. :)