Monday, December 3, 2012

Maybeline New York The Jewels [Review]

Now Jewels Rock a New Attitude!
So luminous, so modern... it's sensational.

Illuminated color from the deep jewelucent pigment and creamier feel from the nourishing honey nectar. You shall experience High Gloss and maximized deep colors.

This Fall/Winter 2012, fashion takes on a rich, jewel tone. From Paris to Milan, London to New York, designers sent models down the runway in luscious plums, amazing amethyst and deep wines so breathtakingly beautiful. 

Deep colors are often hard to wear, with hues too dark may appear gothic-like and formulas too matte that leave a harsh-looking finish on the lips. Thus, I personally do not reach out for colors such as plum, maroon and dark violet lipsticks. Plus, I feel that they make my look a little older. I guess it would be great for events and days when I don't feel like going crazy on my makeup but still wants to look made up for the day but mostly, I hardly but dark lipsticks. 

However, Maybeline manage to produce this Jewel deep shades lipstick that goes on smoothly and creamy on the lips, leaving behind an illuminated finish that's both sultry and luminous. This is due to their new technology and nourishing ingredients. They have a pure undiluted jewel-lucent pigments, light is able to penetrate through the lipstick to create a high-shine finish. Thus, colors looks dark yet luminous, appearing almost jewel-like on the lips. Also with the nourishing ingredient of honey nectar, lips get the creamiest and softest treatment. With its antioxidants and minerals, honey nectar protects and smoothens lips for a fine and soft texture. 

Color swatch on the back of my arms. 
You instantly know that this is a creamy and moisturizing lipstick.

Swatch on tissue paper to show you the actual color. 

My naked lips

Day look swatch.
I dab a little on the lips and spread it out with my fingers. 
Because it's the day time, I really don't want to go crazy with it. 

Night look swatch
Swipe straight from the stick! 
I realize that because it is so creamy and glossy, it takes a little more effort to apply. It's not as easy as one swipe with the stick. I found out that you will need a base before able to achieve the perfect lips. The first layer I apply was messy and it runs out of my lip shape. What I did was by pressing my lips in a tissue paper, then apply again. In some ways, I've create a base with the first layer. You can always use a lips liner to fill the lips in as base first then only with this lipstick. 

This is an amazing moisturizing, creamy, glossy lipstick with fan-ta-bu-lous color pay out with some effort required during application to achieve the great effect. Due to its super moisture, you cant't expect it last all day. For me, it lasted a good 3-4 hours until I started eating and drinking. Though, it didn't totally strip my lips and leave it bare naked again, it just faded to a tinted looking lips, somewhat like my day swatch look. Thus, at the end of the day, you will still need to use a remover or facial wipes to completely remove this lip color. 

A captivating jewel collection in 10 stunning shades. Available at all Maybeline New York counters nationwide September 2012 for a recommended retails price of RM29.90

Start Rocking a new Lip Attitude!

Disclaimer: Product was sent for reviewing purpose. Not paid. 

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bendan said...

Sexy lips, OMG, the last picture looks hot babe!! XD

cindy said...

i always felt mesmerize by your big eyes!*envy ur shining eyes*

JQLeeJQ said...

Thanks Girls!! :D Made my day!