Monday, December 10, 2012

Dr Murad Vitalic Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser [Review]

The first step to Beauty is Cleansing!

I think many of us don't take cleansing seriously. I mean we all know we need to wash our face to remove dirt and that's it. So people would say, "any cleanser would do la..." Some worst "just use any bar soap also can mah, cheap somemore..." Omgeee please, those Fruitela bar soaps are not made for your delicate skin on your face. I feel it is really important to have a cleanser that not only  cleanse, unclog pores but also something that doesn't totally strips the moisture out your face. There are so many cleanser out there that are providing that benefits. 

This is one of the cleanser that doesn't totally de-hydrates your skin! I love using using this in the mornings because I know my skins was just resting in my room thus I don't need something too over-powering. This is also great in the morning because it is a type of energizing cleanser, with the great scent and slight tingling sensation to wake you up for a great day. 

Another new discovery for me was when I found out that this cleansing step was also a toning step. The next step is treat where it was a clear gel, that gel did great in minimizing the pores but I feel it doesn't works well on my pimply forehead and it tightens my skin a little too much, plus the treatment gel leaves a shiny but dry surface to my skin which I don't like, so I'm not reviewing the gel. 

Btw, I got this travel size set from Murad Team during their Hydro-dynamic eye cream bloggers event. I love the eye-cream so much that I am still using it until now. I will bring it everywhere with me. :) 

Oh oh! and I love anything that pumps out in foam! Plus Point for the cleanser!

Do I use it at night? Well no because at night before I go to bed, I like something that makes my skin feel super clean but not too drying on my skin because after a long day out around the dusty, dirty environment. Mostly I will prefer to do a scrub at night but if I were to use this for night time, I will probably double cleanse. Totally not worth my time because I already have too many steps in  my skincare routine. Trust me, I take at least 10 minutes to apply my skincare because I love to take my own sweet time massaging each products in to my skin. :) Don't judge me.... Lols.


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