Friday, December 7, 2012

Botanical Garden Conditioning Hair Mask | Silky Smooth [Review}

My second review on organic care product. 
This product was given by Natural & Eco Republic for reviewing purpose. Not Paid. 

I've never heard of this product before thus it took me equally sometime to try this conditioner mask. Same case as the The Natural Shampoo (check out review here), I only brought along this one conditioner just to ensure that I had no choice to only use this conditioner for the entire month of November. And again I did, paired along with another organic shampoo mentioned in prior. I think this conditioner has a set of other products that is recommended to use before using this but what the heck, I only had this. So be it. 

For some reason, I felt that this smells like the candy "Nano-nano" with the yellow and orange strips. It doesn't have that strong candy smell of course, I think the scent prevails more when I paired it with the organic shampoo I had. It has a milky color and it is rather diluted, not as thick as compared to other conditioning hair mask. Looking at the back of the packaging, it seems like a product from Japan. The thing with this, I'm actually only assuming that it is an organic product because it came from the eco-friendly store. I personally not very sure if this is 100% or if it is really organic as it doesn't state anywhere in english nor do I know how to read Japanese labels. So let just take it as an organic personal care product. :) 

Maybe because this product is somewhat thin in consistency, thus worked really well with the organic shampoo. It conditions my hair perfectly and didn't leave any heavy, greasy residue that I know some commercial conditioner will do. Also, it doesn't do nothing at all which some commercial conditioner will do too. I do really like this conditioning mask but it keeps flowing out like water (exaggerating) if you don't turn it upside down when getting the products out which could be due to its thin consistency.

Sorry for the dirty cap but yup, it is so thin in consistency that it does this. 

Unfortunately, I can;t find the price to this product but I google and it was extremely expensive with a different packaging. So 'm not really sure but you can always refer to the store and enquire more if interested. :)

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