Monday, November 12, 2012

Tribal Halloween | spot yourself here!

Recently, we had an event with bloggers from Nuffnang! Well, not including me, I'm just there to socialize and meet my friends. Haha. I had so much fun by just watching all of them having fun. Tribal Halloween is pretty much in themed with halloween and everyone is required to have a 2D1N stay at the Awana Long House. I was impressed with the amazing decoration of the Long House, it was super creepy! They definitely put in loads of effort on it. :)

I was a camerawoman for the day, I took so much pictures of other people. If you are reading this, spot yourself!

Tons of acticity was prepared just for the bloggers and it all started off with some traditional treasure hunt in the jungle! I followed along one team that pretty much got lost due finding the wrong clue, lols, it was said to be a clue for last years treasure hunt. It was holarious! but wasn't funny because we ran all over just looking for the clue that does not exist in that particular area.

After a long day of running and sweating, we all had a good dinner at Pasar Ikan Bakar! Trust me, you can never go wrong with Pasar Ikan Bakar, they serves the yummiest grilled seafood. Plus, Pasar Ikan Bakar only opens for special occassion of 40-50 people, without booking, you can't get no Ikan Bakar. :) Thus, it is kind of a luxury to eat there. :)

Also, everyone was in costume that night! :D except me :(

and in theme with halloween, they were super creative with their food names.

After dinner, we went back to the long house for a session with a few celebrity bloggers to provide us some tips when it comes to blogging! After the sharing session, it was time for prize giving and lucky draw, trust me everyone won something that night!

We close the day with Scary Movie 4. Most of them went off to wash themselves up but a bunch of us did sit and watch the movie till the end. :)

It was a fun event all thanks to Genting and Nuffnang!

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FurFer said...

nooooooooooo... I can't spot JQqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

JQLeeJQ said...

HAHAHAHAHAH That is because I'm just a camera woman for the event :(