Thursday, November 29, 2012

Strip Waxing - Let's Go Brazilian! [Review]

Okay, so this is rather unconventional for me but I want to step up my waxing game and just once in my life time to try brazilian waxing. Well, I won't pay just to get my down there waxed but I do agree that it is so much more hygenic and comfortable! It is the same thing as else where on your body, hairy areas gets itchy if you don't clean them properly. I'm sure sometimes, you cut yourself during shaving, leaving red bumps on the skin. It is NOT about showing it off but it is just personal care, for your own self.

I got a free waxing trail during an event. Don't waste it, just try it at least. I had the thought of throwing the voucher away at first but oh well. :) 

I was seriously super shy because it was my first time! God gracious, super awkward but the staff there was nice and made me feel a little less nervous. Of course, the person who waxed me was a girl. They really made the room feel like there is nothing to worry about, is like "is JUST waxing, no big deal" kind of feeling. HAHA! Seriously, when you lay down, just look at the walls filled with clouds and blue sky..... They really want to you to be calm during the process. 

They had 3 flavours, chocolate, vanilla and lavender. The lady used vanilla on me, and it smelled like super cupcake-ish! Yum.....For hygiene purpose, they never re-dip they sticks and they used cooling antiseptic wipes immediately after every pull to reduce the redness and infection. 

Alright, here's the process.... A cleansing wipe is given to you to clean yourself. Then, they will apply warmed/ rather hot wax on your skin at the outer top area first, leave it for few second to harden and will ask you to breath and then silently yet quickly PULL! IT WAS SUPER PAIN OKAY! Shit painful! No, I did not scream loudly nor did I cry because it was kind of expected la, I mean come on, don't tell me you expect it to be painless ar. You must be mentally ill. 

They do part by part from outer area moving towards inner area. I think in total I had about 20 pulls and the pain did get worst a little after 8-9 pulls especially when they get to the extra sensitive areas. It does get numb too but it doesn't reduce the pain. 

In the middle of the waxing process, I did had this thought "Shit, what did I get myself into, it is painful wei, walau, its too late to turn back now, quickly finish la, still got somemore ar?! I'm that hairy meh? when is it gonna end?!...blah blah blah" HAHAHAHA. It is so funny thinking back now. Again, the girl was so nice along the whole process. Did not regret having this new experience. 

Once it was all done, OMGeeeeeee my skin was still sore from the waxing but extremely worth it! Clean and smooth and it still is now after 2 weeks. It should last up to 4 weeks. They will provide you with some cream  to ease the sore-ness and some scrub to use after 3 days to scrub away the dead skin cells for a smoother surface. While you have some lemon drink, they will provide you a waxing aftercare card and explain to you what you cannot do for the next 24 hours, such as no hot baths, no swimming or sunbathing and etc just to avoid infection on the "open pores". 

One tip if you are planning to try brazilian waxing, don't shave and let you hair grow for about 1-2weeks for easier and cleaning waxing results. If some hair is too short, you can't wax them thus leaving some hair to be unwaxed. 

Overall, it was a good new experience, even though it was painful but if you get the chance, try it! :)

*Note: I think my hair started to grow back within 3 weeks times but it didn't grow as thick as it was after shaving, in fact, the hair was thinner and fine and soft like a new born hair. haha! I know, quite weird for me to say this but it grew to be so much more manageable now! It grew out straight and not thick and curly! Will I go back Brazilian, TOTALLY!


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Elwyn~! said...

I feel you sista

Elwyn~! said...

I totally feel ya sista

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Lols Elwyn, you wax before?!