Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pondok Durian | Durian Desserts you can never imagine it to be possible.

Resorts World Genting F&B came up with something extraordinary with the use of our Malaysian's favourite fruit, Durian a.k.a "The King of the Fruits"! Well, I guess one of the perks of my job is to be able to taste them all first! Yumssssss. I'm not a huge fan of durians but how can I pass out on desserts?! Especially when they look this mouth-watering. Come let me introduce to you the new sweet-delights you can try when you are up in Genting from the 16th November 2012 onwards....

Durian Banana Cake

Durian Banana Cake (slice)

Durian Crepe Cake

Durian Crepe Cake (slice)

Durian Tiramisu Cake

Durian Tiramisu Cake (slice)

Durian Mango Tart

Durian Strawberry Roll

Durian Strawberry Roll (slice)

Durian Sturdel

Durian St Honore/Durian Puff Pastry

Crispy Golden Fried Durian

Crispy Golden Fried Durian (samurai-ed)

Don't they make you salivate? Especially if you are a durian fan, you have to drop by and try them out! All pastry is made with 100% durian meat, some mixed with cream and some made into mousse. What I love is that they are innovative to mix with other Malaysian's favourite fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and mangos. Well, kiwi is probably to add some colour and different flavour into the menu. Trust me, some of the pastry taste as if you are eating the durian fruit itself instead of it becoming desserts such as crispy golden fried durian, durian st honore and durian banana cake. Pastry such as durian strawberry rolls and durian tiramisu, you can distinguish the taste of each fillings such as you can taste the strawberries in thr rolls and tiramisu being tiramisu! All flavour doesn't mix and jumble up because they want us to be able to taste the uniqueness of the individual fruit/fillings. The crepes has a little salty taste to it but that is normal for crepe cakes.

Unfortunately, I can't reveal the price for these desserts yet but I will update once I can :) However, I can say that it is a little bit pricey but worth your every cent as the portion does need to you share with someone else. They will be selling some drinks there as well.

They will start selling these desserts from the 16th November 2012 onwards at Pondok Durian, Maxims Genting Outdoor Carpark. 

Note: Unfortunately, even I have to pay to yum-yum this if I wanna treat my family. It is not free to staff, so bring more cash!

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FurFer said...

T^T. Cakeys Heaven! How could you eat so much without sharing *sobs* Da bao pwease

JQLeeJQ said...

Lols, tapau d not nice, it will turn bad because of the weather down there. Must come up eat. :)

FurFer said...

The deco tempting me sia. Hint a bit. pricey or no? XD

Koh Kian Fai said...

macam sangat sedap!

JQ when is ur birthday? one of these will be ur celebration cake :P

Isabel said...

wow! Love how they put all that fruit into the cake

Xue Ren said...

OMG OMG OMG! the cake looks like so delicious la weyyy!!! i want!!! :D

Choi Yen said...

why they didn't start this earlier, was at Genting last 2 weeks >.<

JQLeeJQ said...

Furfer, K I can say now, It is rm15+ perslice and rm5+ for the fried durian.

Kian Fai, haha my BD in June la, so long more.

Isabel, I know right, so colourful

Xueren, come up genting!

Choiyen, hahaha, They wanted to launch earlier but dunno why delayed. :)

Mary said...

looks so yummy <3