Thursday, November 1, 2012

Maybeline New York Hypercosmos [Review]

~Maybe is Maybeline~

I recently received 2 pieces of the new Maybeline Hypercosmos shadows. The Brown is in CP-1 while Purple is in WN-1. I was very excited to try them out as the colors looked gorgeous from the palette. These crushed pearls & pure pigments are marblized to create a ever-seen color mix on your eyes.

I was even impressed after swatching them on my fingers and hands. They look pretty individually and layered. Unfortunately I didn't managed to take a picture of the layered swatches, totally slipped of my mind. However, I managed to produced a video tutorial using the purple shadow. The purple shadow might look like it is dark brown on the camera, I'm not sure why it is not showing up as nice in reality.

The shadows were easy to blend but do tend to have a little fall out if using brush to apply. I think this shadow looks better when applied with fingers, suitable for new cosmetic users as not much of technique is need for this shadow. Is not as easy as one swipe but definitely do-able for beginners in makeup.

I don't think RM28.90 (if I'm not wrong about the price) is cheap but it is a nice luxury to have in your eye shadow stash. I believe some lighter shades can double as a highlighter too!

Check out how I use this eye shadow!

I will be reviewing the mascara in the video soon. Wanna give a longer test time as is a highly rave product. 


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Unknown said...

The color looks like leopard skin... very special.. :)

LauraLeia said...

The colours are really pigmented and lovely! I swatched them in store before, the colors are so nice. ^^