Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Loreal Paris Lucent Magique BB [Review]

Ohla my friends! 
It's been a while since I've take shots of myself after trying the products. :)

So when I first got this BB cream, you would probably just say "okay, it's another BB cream" because there's so many to choose these days since it was made popular by the Koreans. Even the "angmos" is getting into the idea of BB cream. Nice packaging that is easy to travel with as it is not too big, plus, once you are almost out, you can cut the tube to retrieve more products inside. 

Before doing this review shoot, I will always try them on my face first to feel and see how it works. It has the tiniest hole (like pin size) to squeeze the products out and it came out white! I was shocked and squeeze more to check further if what I see was right. Yes, the product is white. How is this a BB Cream when it is white? I just applied on my face to see if it changes colour upon application and because it felt rough due to the capsules, I didn't fully break the capsules as I just massage it in for a while. Thus, I didn't see the results as claimed. 

Then I took some time to read the flyers & research more about it. So this is what they are: 

The 1st BB Cream with Magic BB Capsules that self-adjust to every skin tone!
Discover the BB Cream with a formula that transforms instantly, right before your very eyes!
The first BB Cream with Lucent technology: A magical transforming texture with colour capsules!

Minimizes pores
Smoothens skin texture
Covers spots
Reduce the appearance of fine lines
Evens skin tone
Luminous finish
24hr hydration
All-day comfort
Light-feel texture
SPF 20 PA+++

Nude Skin Result!

Personally, what I understand is that you must break the capsules in order to maximize the greatness of this product. I did a test on the back of my hands and I see why it is what it is. The issue here is that the product takes some time & effort to change its colour. It took me a while to massage the product and to break the capsules but once I got it right, I was amaze with the result. It really look good and provided that almost "flawless" skin. I feel that it has a medium coverage if you use it the right way. I don't see how the 24hr moisture works but it wasn't drying to the skin either. Comfort & light-texture, yes and I love that it comes with SPF 20PA+++

Loreal Paris Lucent Magique Skin Luminating BB Cream cost RM49.90 but now you can get them in a set with a new Loreal Paris sweet Miss Candy Glam Shine Swirl Lipgloss for RM53.90.

Miss Candy Glam Shine Swirl in Miss Raspberry (left), Miss Apricot (middle) & Miss Marshmallow (right)
I will be reviewing Miss Marshmallow soon :)

 Note that the lipgloss is only sold exclusively with Loreal Paris Lucent Magique Skin Illuminating BB Cream 

Available at selected pharmacies from December 2012 in three different packs of different colour gloss!


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