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ENCHANTEUR LOVE | Celebrate Love Forever


Love is like a flower which blossoms, undaunted when affectionately showered with unvarying care just as every spark of romance keeps love alive and exciting. But love, entwined by daily thorns of life means little time for romance to be nurtured. A love that overtime lures monotony when deprived of romantic expressions which gives your relationship the extra zing that keeps it interesting and enjoyable. Every expression of love, big or small, is significant in flourishing a committed relationship towards a love that is forever. It brings about a wave of euphoria, flashing back memories of that single throbbing moment when love first took place.

ENCHANTEUR LOVE is a new range of fine fragrance specially dedicated to women who are in a committed relationship. This is a perfume that celebrates every romantic moment with your loved one to keep the flames of love burning bright.

The beautifully designed Emerald cut cap is inspired by the heart-warming, wonderstruck moment when a woman receives a jewel. It reminds me of a diamond ring which symbolizes the seal of a true and everlasting love. ENCHANTEUR has definitely upped its game by pairing the jewel cap with an elegant glass bottle.

Sazzy & Nazril, Brand Ambassadors.
Scent impression:

(Pink) ENCHANTEUR CELEBRATE LOVE Eau de Toilette starts off with an explosion of sparkling freshness of bergamot, white peach and pineapple. The heart of the composition then sparkles with sweet red peony and passion fruit which symbolizes love and excitement of being together. Warm cedarwood, golden amber and musk wraps this lovely creation that together form a base as comfortable and warm as the embrace of a lover.

(Yellow) ENCHANTEUR FOREVER LOVE Eau de Toilette opens up with a lively, fruity scent of citrusy bergamot, lemon and mandarin combined with the sweetness of cassis, pineapple and apple that symbolizes the beginning of a wonderful journey of love. It then blossoms beautifully into a floral bouquet of roses, jasmine, geranium and freesia just like true love that grows deeper, while the stable comforting nuances of musk and amber completes the fragrance to signify the promise of an everlasting love.

Well, I can't lose out too, I'm not married but I want to keep my relationship alive and exciting! Thus, they provided us a little Love Token to be made for our love one. :) My boyfriend say he will keep and redeem once we are married as we are now both extremely busy getting our funding together for our future.

Since we are talking about love, maybe I should roughly run through mine with you too. Haha, you will be the first to see our progress so far. Please excuse me for some blurry, ugly, funny and weird pictures. :) Here goes.....

Our very first picture together, was taken by a friend of mine who is now somewhere in UK enjoying her beautiful life. We were still in our second year of Uni and things were still quite awkward and new and shy. Haha, looking back, it seem so funny to find ourself used to being shy with each other. The period when our zebra strips was still hidden in a treasure box hoping that the other person won't find the ugly side of you. Lol. No, we were not officially together yet, we took about 3 months to meet each other's parents & friends for blessing and self-check if this is what we really want, to be together forever. 

Our first nice, clear picture together. Taken by a fellow church member on his big TWO-ONE birthday gathering. Nope, still not officially together yet! Haha! But everyone knew we were sort of a couple already. Everything so still sweet and mellow.... no big arguments yet. YET. We cherish this picture very much as it kind of depicts the beginning of our relationship. I have one on my table in my Genting room. :) 

This was random self shot, we were on our way to Big Bad Wolf book sale for me to review blog on the sale. I had a media pass for it. We stopped by the park/garden nearby just for fun. Yes, we are finally official then and if I'm not mistaken, there were already a few minor arguments going on, mainly because I like to Ber-Drama. He was still super patient and let me be then, I was winning all the time. :P 

We realize that we don't take much picture together and for some reason, I wanted us to have some pictures taken in Genting. God, if I can turn back time, I would change my location. Irony, because Genting is my workplace now. All my Genting love pictures seem less romantic now! HAHAHAHA! Ish. Well, okay fine, it was still a little sweet because I forced him to piggy back me, I was huge on piggy backs in public when I was younger, I felt it was romantic.Clearly, I don't know where I've place my brains back then. HAHAHA!

The two above are more pictures of us on holiday with friends. We were already in a one year relationship or so, can't really re-call when exactly but definitely, we've experienced major and huge arguments along the way, even until now. Again, mostly because of me and expectations of each other and me melebih. Lols, just ask him, I can be a pain in the ass. He was patient but wasn't as quiet as he was anymore, HE KNOWS HOWS TO ARGUE BACK D! :( Not nice, he don't always let me win anymore. Sometimes, things can get really heated up till I don't want to talk to for one day. Just to let us calm ourself but along the way, he will still whatsapp me and ask to talk but I tak layan. lols. 

This is the most recent picture, we were hanging about somewhere. No longer shy or care how each other look like. Seriously, it is a super confident booster because no matter how ugly I feel I look with pimples and  feeling fat, the bf will still say "You're beautiful" SUPER BIAS RIGHT! HAHA. It's good for your soul to know that you don't have to constantly try to look good when you don't feel like dressing up that day. So after a while in your relationship, your belangs/zebra lines with start to show but it doesn't change anything because you love him/her for who they are. 

What I love about our relationship is that I am not scared to fight with him because we know that no matter how huge the argument gets, there's no plan of leaving each other just because we fight. There's no fear because of trust. When it comes to celebrate love, I would say that every single time we are together and all the little things he does eg: opens the car door for me (yes, he still do that!), carry my shopping bags for me, offers to pay for everything (and no, I don't always let him pay), spending so much money on calling just to talk about nothing, willing to fetch me from anywhere to anywhere whenever I call and etc..... The list goes on and on and on.... I feel just by the gesture of putting the other person first is how we Celebrate our Love Forever because we want the best for each other. :) But if the bf offers to buy something big for you, please accept, don't be stupid! :P

This New perfume smells wonderful and is definitely suitable for people in love. Plus, it is so affordable and easy to find in the market! 

Both ENCHANTEUR CELEBRATE LOVE Eau de Toilette and ENCHANTEUR FOREVER LOVE Eau de Toilette retails at RM 31.90 per bottle of 50ml Eau de Toilette. ENCHANTEUR products are available at all major outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies. For more information, about ENCHANTEUR please log on to or check out Enchanteur’s Facebook at


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Isabel said...

so sweet =)

JQLeeJQ said...

Haha, Thanks Isabel!

FurFer said...

That is sweet. lovey dovey <3

Josarine said...

Awww so sweet... sucha lovey dovey couple. :)

Jessying said...

Awwww... so sweet! Hahahaha when he buy something , must accept dont be stupid. I like that!

I LOL at this --> He was patient but wasn't was quiet as he was anymore ( I have the feeling of Deja vu!.. OMG)

JQLeeJQ said...

Furfer & Josarine, Thanks girls!! :D

Jess, haha! I think it happens to yours too!