Friday, November 30, 2012

Rakan Alam Sekitar | Love Our Nature at Awana Genting!

Love our Nature!

This recycle bag is made from 100% plastic bottles! Cute huh!

Genting Highlands, 20 November 2012 -  130 youths from Rakan Alam Sekitar together with bloggers and teachers today had two full days of fun-filled activities at the Awana Genting today in conjunction with Resorts World Genting ‘Love Our Nature – Rakan Alam Sekitar Junior Explorer’ environmental event.  

The event was an annual CSR programme by Genting Malaysia Berhad to promote the love of nature to the youth. The event is supported this year by the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment. The two day event  started with Tree Planting activity cum treasure hunt followed by Eco Recycle Programme & Eco Exploration (Teambuilding activity).  The activities were well received by the youth as they get to conduct hands on project and outdoor activies.  They were also given the opportunity to meet with the ‘Greenest Man’ on earth, Mr. Matthias Gelber who talked about  ‘Love your Malaysian Mother Nature’ whilst Prof Dr. Maketab the President of Malaysian Nature Society tried to convince the audience with ‘Mother Nature Needs You’.  The highlight of the event was The Eco Recycling programme where participants were asked to use recyclable items to showcase their idea of a 3R, namely Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  From the recyclable items, participants were asked to use their creativity to create models.

Mr Matthias, the Green Man!

Take some time to write your sweetest & most bitter memories for the sharing session.

And yes, our sharing session was in the dark, in the middle of no where! FUN!
Well, of course, you don't share your own feelings. They collected back from everyone and distribute the paper in random, thus you would know who's story as there were no names written on the paper. 

Morning Aerobics by the teachers! 

Time for some challenge!

Judges deliberation...


Dato' Anthony Yeoh!

Dato’ Anthony says, ‘Our purpose in organizing this programme with the Friends of Environment is to see how each of everyone can play a part in conservation of the forest and in reusing recycled items so as to reduce global warming. The virgin jungle surrounding us today is about 130 million years old.  Besides its conservation value, it is also home to various fascinating insects, rare birds, wild flora and fauna of the tropical rainforests.  Each plays a role in preserving our forests.  In this respect, we are very cautious with our development, so much so that only 4% of our total 4,400 hectares of land-bank have been used. The lush tropical rainforest is one of the main attractions for tourists as its vast tract of nature opens up opportunity for nature lovers to go on jungle trekking and explore the intriguing flora and fauna around.’

This programme does not only aim to educate our youth to appreciate the beauty of our Mother Nature and the importance of environment conservation, but also hopes to enhance the awareness of recycling and to encourage proper disposal to the youths.   It was indeed an inspirational journey for many of the youths as they managed network with each and met new friends through nature.  Having not only learnt survival skills when in the jungle, they also gathered relationship development skills to assist them in their daily activities. 

And the winners are.....

Congratulation everyone!

VIPs planting a tree!

Before we say goodbye...

It seems next year will be bigger and better!
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sweet, Sexy, Buff, Muscles & Abs | Longing for a Ladies Night Out

I'm Innocent...

Good looking like crazy....

And oh, my first Chippendales!

and then they dance with the crowd!

Hey, what's that?!

Of course, I've save the best for the last! I think among all the guys in the hall, the DJ was definitely the hottest. He is so darn handsome! He was so focus at his work, makes it even more desirable!

Trust me, I'm innocent...

Ladies Night Out was organized specially for female Genting WorldCard members at GICC.

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