Monday, October 22, 2012

Veet It Off! | Bring out the Confidence in me

Remember this?

And this Waxing demo I did 2 months back? 

With Veet, hair removal becomes so easy to maintain. No more shaving everyday, no more hurting yourself while shaving and no more dry skin due to after shave! Veet gives you Sexy & Smooth Skin for a Longer Time. It's True, it last up to 4 weeks just by waxing! I've tried it! 

Now, bringing out the confidence in me by...

OMG, How did this happen?!

Let me tell you a secret on How Veet gives me Soft & Smooth Skin that brings out the confidence in me...

Here, meet my bff  name Veet...

Veet tells you why I love her so much...

Because of Veet, I can do anything without restrictions! 

I can now play & have fun in the sun while Veet keeps me hair-free from unwanted hair on my now smooth legs and Underarms!

All you need is Veet!

But wait!
How did I re-vamped my outfit?

Not so easy....
It took me 7-8 hours to complete this revamp
and another 5-6 hours for makeup & self-shooting. D:

1. Cut the bottom band and keep for later.
4. Roughly draw how short you want your blouse to be.

5. Draw a straight line (front to back) from the mark we did in prior.
6. If needed, use your legs to keep the blouse in place. *That's what you Veet for...*

7. Use a measuring tape/ruler to mark 3cm across the line did in prior.
8. Draw a line down the blouse in the center & mark 3cm across the bottom of the blouse.

9. Connect the top & bottom markings. *No ruler, use hanger*
10. Cut the lines accordingly & keep the scissors on the ground for a more precise cut.

13. Lift up the outer layer.
14. Cut away the inner layer, as high as the outer layer was cut in prior. 
15. Roughly cut the 3cm layers into set of 3s *roughly 1cm each*
16. Now braid each set! *Use something heavy & veet-ed legs to keep the fabric in place*

17. Braid tightly but gently as fabric may snap.
20. Tie the braid at the end by using one piece & tie a knot over the other two. 

21. This is what you will get roughly
23. You can always play with sizes (thick or thin braids) to give different dimension & effect.
24. If don't have anything heavy, use a Nuffnang Paper Weight I got from their 5th Anniversary Party!

Tadaaaa........Blouse Done! 

Next, skirt.....

2. Draw VEET alphabets at the bottom of the skirt.
3. Cut those alphabets off!

5. The trick to this bubble pop skirt is to flip it inwards & leave some hanging outwards. 

6. The ends of the skirt should fall nicely on the top of the skirt showing the VEET.

Wear them on & roughly pull the skirt for inside to be longer or outside to be longer. 
Adjust till you are satisfied with the look. 

Remember the band we kept just now, wrap it around the waist just above the skirt.
This will cover all the spare tyre. haha. Is optional. 

And TADAAAAA.......
Revamp the old to the new
Something shorter & sexier to show off your Veet-ed skin!

Let's watch videos.....

It's your chance to win Rm10000 worth of prizes!
Just like & Join the Veet It Off Contest!
Dateline is extended to 31st October 2012! Still got time to upload your pictures!

Just visit Veet Malaysia FB Page:
Also check out their Website for more product info:

Come on everybody
Let's VEET It OFF!


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Merryn said...

This is an AMAZING entry! I'm speechless. I'm WOWed!!! Wow.. seriously! This is GOOD!

JQLeeJQ said...

Merryn, NOW I AM WOW-ed! So fast you read my blogpost and thank you for tagging me in FB. Hahaha. Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Wow, now I feel like I have no chance of winning alrdy. Feeling inferior as I looked back at my simple post T__T Good luck babe! Enjoyed reading your entry :D

Chinneeq said...

fantastic really! am really amaze with your creativity!

JQLeeJQ said...

Hilda, Dont be sad!!! They have so many prizes. So got chance!

Mummy to Qiqi, Thank you so much for your support!

cindy said...

So creative la u...Best of luck to u yo...

Vickylow said...

Big applause to you. Amazing entry you made.

Unknown said...

I wish I was there when the tutorial were made xD

LauraLeia said...

Whoa! Amazing post, JQ! Super love the creative pics, and of course, the DIY top/skirt! :D

cre8tone said...

Wow!!!!!~ Love the way u re-design ur clothes.. It's cool~

Charmaine Pua said...

You're sho cute!!! Good luck babe!

FurFer said...

A DOLL! Omg that is so cute of you in there. <3 Love it much!

JQLeeJQ said...

Cindy, Vicky, Prince n Princess mom, Fer haru, Thank you so very much!!!

Daniel, haha, i think i realize that I can shoot other things but modeling a ghost. Bahaha

Laura & Charmaine, thanks girls!

Jessying said...

WOW win liao!!! So creative and your pics show how confident and fun you are!!!!

A true winner in my heart!

JQLeeJQ said...

Jess, hehe, Thanks to your encouragement for joining this contest :)

我们的小宇宙 said...

So Nice! I'm lazy to take part, hope u can WIN!

Unknown said...

I think... you're going to win. Lolol. Submitted mine yesterday and competition is sure stiff! Gonna be tough.

Good Luck! :D

JQLeeJQ said...

Thanks everyone! Hoping for the best and good luck!