Friday, October 12, 2012

Travel Atomizer- Failed [Review]

If you have heard about the Travalo - Refillable Perfume Atomizer Bottle Spray, you would know why I was super excited when I found a duped selling on MilkaDeal. Greed got to me and I purchased 2 sets for RM35 almost immediately. The shipping process was quite efficient & they reply customer service almost instantly, so I was happy about that.

Me happily pumping the Issey Miyake pleats please perfume in to the atomizer. 
Love the scent of this perfume!
I won it from Capital FM recently. 

I got one in Red and one in Gold

I wanted to test it out so I just pumped half. Thank God I did that.

I leaked a little at the "hole" right after pumping the perfume in.
Then I left it laying on my perfume box and went to bed. 

The next day...

What the freak! Almost half of the expensive perfume gone!!!!

I left it laying like this and it leaked out!!!

Such a waste! It leaked on the box. 
No wonder my room smelled extra nice when I woke up the next morning =_=

Even at the Butt Hole it leaked when it lay flat. Argh!

Only one day, it already have scars on the bottle and it leaked through the slit where the red and silver metal meets. :(

Is just unfortunate that the product is not very good or I would have gift the other one to one of you. I think they are still selling maybe on other sites, so if you see it and had a thought of getting it, I would suggest you get the original Travalo even though it cost more. 


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1 comment:

LauraLeia said...

Oh no! >__< Did you test out the other one to see if it leaks?
I saw this being sold in Watsons and Guardian in Singapore, it seems pretty new and popular there.