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Shizens Hydro Series | Skin hydration & Anti-aging [Event]

Shizens First Skin Care Series to Decelerate Skin Aging 

Afraid of skin aging and its consequential problems, people nowadays spends great amount of money to get all different kinds of essences to fight skin aging or rejuvenate youth. However, one did not realize that lack of water in our skin is the main causes of skin aging. Many researches had found that skin hydration is able to plump out wrinkles to make them less noticeable.

Hydro Cleanser, Hydro Enhancing Lotion, Hydro Liposome Essential, Hydrant Day Emulsion and Hydrant Night Emulsion. Each of the products is formulated using different botanical extracts that bring diverse yet harmonized functions to your skin. 
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Hydro Cleanser contains Aloe Barbadensis leaf extracts which is antimicrobial, antioxidant and able to moisturize dehydrated skin. Hydro Cleanser is able to remove dirt and impurities without stripping your skin moisture. Instead, it helps to increase the moisture level of horned layer to make your skin look hydrated, healthy and radiant. It is gentle, non-irritant and suitable for most skin types. Moisture level of a dehydrated skin may increase up to 70% after a continuous use for one week, on day and night time. 

Personal Opinion:
This is my first time seeing shimmers in the cleanser! Seriously! I don't think you can see it in the picture but its noticeable in real life. It is said that these shimmers are actually vitamin E and it is safe to be used. I noticed that the shimmers goes away after a while, assuming that the goodness of the vitamin E adsorbed into the skin. The cleanser is foamless, thus being more gentle that your ordinary cleanser. They don't really have a particular smell but the very light scent is pleasant. 

Hydro Enhancing Lotion (Toner) serves as a second cleanser to further cleanse your face for better absorption of the following products. It contains licorice root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) extracts to repair skin cells for deceleration of skin aging. Hydro Enhancing Lotion also contains witch hazel extracts which is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Personal Opinion:
I love toner/softener/lotion that doesn't requires any cotton to apply, so this definitely adds some good points into my radar. Nothing much to say about toners, it will usually absorbs quickly after cleansing and this requires the patting method similar to hada labo hyaluronic moisturizing lotion.  

Contained in a silky smooth moisturizer, Hydro Liposome Essential (Serum) is formulated with multi-layer micro capsule encapsulating honey extracts and pearl extracts. Micro capsule penetrates deep into skin and unveil active ingredients layer by layer. Pearl extracts improve your cell metabolism, stimulate the growth of collagen and skin rejuvenescence. Honey extracts help to reduce formation of fine lines.

Personal Opinion:
This serum has a real unique look, where white tiny snow ball looking ingredient lining up neatly sitting in the air-tight pump bottle. After smoothing out the serum, it also leaves some shimmers on your skin just like the cleanser. Other than just absorbing into the skin, it also leaves a nice smooth, thin, moisturize layer on the skin. 

Apply Hydrant Day Emulsion on day time after Hydro Liposome Essential. It contains Houttuynia Cordata Thunb, a flowering plant native to Asia that is used traditionally for its antibacterial properties. Hydrant Day Emulsion contains botanical extracts to relief a variety types of skin problems, including dehydrated skin and wrinkle formation.

Personal Opinion:
I have this small theory that when a cream is pink, it helps with slight brightening effect. So other than just giving the right amount of moisture for the day time, it helps slightly brighten up the skin and also protects the skin with small amount of SPF. It is advisable to top up with a higher SPF sunblock after this step. 

During night time, apply Hydrant Night Emulsion after Hydro Liposome Essential to balance your skin tone and prevent dull skin. It contains Ceramide III which is able to intensify skin immune system for a younger and radiant skin. Similar to its compatible fellow members in Hydro Series, Hydrant Night Emulsion fosters skin hydration, among other skin repairing and protecting functions, to reduce wrinkles and decelerate skin aging.

Personal Opinion:
I was told that this may not suit me best as the night cream is very rich due to my slight acne condition on my forehead and I will need something more water based. However, it may be suitable for me when I am up in Genting with the cold dry weather as I would need more to keep my skin moisturized. This is suitable for dry skin or only to be used at areas that are dryer like my cheeks for example as it needs more moisture there.

Shizens is an up and coming skin care and cosmetic brand, propelling its expansion in Malaysia as well as regional market. Inspired and infused by bountiful natural ingredients, Shizens offers a wide range of products, from make-up, skin protection to skin care, all created to revive and nourish your natural beauty.

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