Thursday, October 4, 2012

Max Factor False Lash Effect [Review]

"Max Factor's biggest ever brush with 50% more bristles gives a sweep of never-ending volume for a glamorous look you never thought your own lashes could give you. "

  • Big applicator with loads and loads of fine bristles to catch each lashes and coat them properly
  • Black and waterproof
  • Did not smudge on me at all after a long day
  • Formula is not too wet that it will weigh down medium to longer lashes people. 
  • Nice, natural everyday look.

I don't feel it gives that false lashes look but it is a really nice mascara to have to everyday use. I don't prefer travelling with it as it is big for a mascara and I don't particularly like the big wand for I have less control over smaller and corner areas of my eyes but I do love love love the 50% more short bristles because I can go deeper till the roots of my lashes without worrying smudging some mascara on my skin. This mascara works better for longer lashes because it would be harder for shorter lashes due to the big wand.

I used the mascara in one of my tutorial.

This is a review for the non-waterproof version.


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Merryn said...

The did not smudge part i LIKE!