Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Intensive 3in1 Whitening Essence Mask [Review]

I have been a mask freak since I came back from Genting after my internship. Until now, I practically do mask every single day, mostly before I go to bed. Only those really long, tired day I will skip my holy grail skincare routine.

I receive this mask from Garnier recently and wasn't really that excited to try them to begin with because I didn't really had the best experience with Garnier Light skincare product range. They just didn't do anything for me except the Garnier Light B.B instant fairness BB eye roll-on, this I love because they help brightens up the undereyes instantly. I use that like an everyday undereye concealer. 

Since I am a mask freak, it doesn't really hurt to try a new mask. So I found time to enjoy this mask. 

They claim to have 3in1 substance such as Scutallaria extract for whitening, Pure Lemon Essence to remove dead cells and refined skin texture, and Tanggula Glacier water for hydration. Also, they claim their mask to be high fitting, like a second skin. 

First of all, I will definitely have to agree of the light-weighted tissue mask to be super high fitting. It fits perfectly on my face, I was extremely surprised. It wasn't too big nor too small, all the holes were just perfect on my face. The mask sheet was thin like a second skin but is not fragile, it is as tough as other mask sheets. I love how it fits on my skin! 

The only part is the nose area, doesn't seem to lay flat. 

During the process of leaving it on for 15-20 minutes, it does sting the skin a little but that happens to most whitening or refining mask. Is the essences that is working on your skin. If you have a sensitive/acne skin then just leave it for 10 minutes on your skin because to some, the stingy-ness might get a little uncomfortable. :)

After trying only once, I can't say much about whether it helps in whitening or not but my skin definitely felt a little more radiant and much much more hydrated. Love how it hydrates my skin which you don't often find in whitening mask. I think this is a really nice mask to have in your collection but definitely not for an everyday mask, probably only use it 2 times a week or so.  


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Unknown said...

no wonder your face is always in the tip top condition... :)

JQLeeJQ said...

hahaha, well I still get spots and itchy hands go pop them :(