Friday, October 26, 2012

Bali in 4 Days [Travel Log]

All these made possible only by Yuberactive!

So finally I made my way to the amazing Bali, the trip that I have been waiting since March or so... If you don't know, I was actually blessed by Yuberactive with the flight tickets and accommodation for my Bali holidays! If you don't know what is Yuberactive, do go to their site and check them out because they have much exciting programmes for all of you including movie passes, beauty products and etc.

I was in Balin from the 15-18 October 2012 and I was really lucky to have all my siblings with me for this trip. It was my first time to travel out of the country without my parents! Other than just the siblings, the two elder siblings also brought along their other halves :D The more the merrier! 

My elder sister was the responsible one, she planned everything out for us, from the transportation, places to visit and etc.

On the 15th, I reached at Denpasar Airport at about roughly 12pm and straight started our visiting to GWK Cultural Park. It was nothing much there, don't really recommend it unless you like seeing stones as the entrance fee is kinda expensive, I think we paid RM20 per pax just to see these things in the pictures. Well, there is a short cultural play off and on but yeah.....

Then we had our lunch, can't remember what's the name but it was average in price and food was so-so. We had a driver to bring us around for food and advice us on certain things.

Next was Uluwatu Temple! One of my favorite place because the view was just spectacular. Is a must to go there if you ever got the chance to visit Bali. Also, this place requires load of walking, so do wear comfortable shoes and clothings. If you are also wondering, why some of us wearing sarong or tied a cloth over the waist. That's because we were going into a holy place so those wearing shorter that knee length have to wear a sarong that is provided but I'm not sure why the rest will need to tie a cloth over the waist.

My sister bought this Bali book that shows you where and what to visit. It also tells you a little about the place itself, many times she would read to us like a bed time story when we are at the location. :)

After that, it was dinner time! Th first night's dinner was amazing beautiful, it was by the beach with a wonderful sunset. I think it's a very popular beach due to this sunset by the beach concept. This is the Jimabran Beach where you can find the whole stretch of the beach to be fully filled with seafood restaurant and a whole lot of people!

OH and you must try this Jagung (corn) !!!!!! Ok I'm a little bias because I love corn, I would replace my meals for corn anytime. Not just the salty they serve, they also come in sweet and spicy sweet! Woohooo, yummiest corn ever! They have this cart along the beach, one outside each restaurant. 

Because the seafood can be a little pricey, so I would suggest that you fill yourself with some corn first, besides, it takes some time before the food is served 

Then, it is back to the hotel. my younger brother and I stayed at the Goodway Nusa Dua for whole 3 nights while my other siblings stayed at Echoland. Why.... Long story. I was lucky to get the one bedroom suite, they had a living room, a small kitchen area where you can cook, boil water, tiny oven, fridge and etc. They didn't provide coffee or tea though, don't know why but they do provide complimentary water bottle which was nice. Goodway is a nice place to stay, it was suppose to be peaceful but I was there at the wrong time where some Asian group was also having their holidays till my last day of stay, they were really noisy not only at night but also in the morning during breakfast. They are definitely not Chinese, Thai, Taiwanese or Hongkies. I think they were Vietnamese, I'm not really sure as their language was foreign to me. Other than that, it was a good stay :)

Day Two

I had breakfast in the hotel and it wasn't as luxurious was what you would get in most Malaysian hotel breakfast. They don't really have much choices, just simple dishes. Thank God they had an eggs station and averagely good coffee for hotel breakfast.

In Bali, you will see lots of these sculptures along the roadside while you travel and a lot of angmo-s (Europeans) walking around. We were so Malaysian, lazy to walk under the Hot Hot sun. 

Our first stop for the day was Goa Gajah, what I like about this place is that they sell stuff for me to buy *smiles* I mean like shopping for tourist but the main key point of this area is just the elephant cave that had a T-shaped interior and more stones that they worship. Again, it is also nothing to see if you are not into all these temple and cultural stuff.

The background is the Elephant Cave. 

Lunch time was speechless because we were high up facing the Mt Batur Volcano while eating with a cold  windy weather. I would suggest that you get there earlier and sit inside if you can stand the flies or else, sit outside if you can stand the chills. Lols, pros & cons, we sat outside because there was no other tables available. Trust me, we were freezing!

The restaurant that we went served buffet style and it wasn't that expensive. The price was worth the food and the view. The food was okay, not a whole lot of food but it was not bad. Free flow coffee and tea but the coffee was old school style where they provide the coffee powder and hot water with no any kind of filters. The coffee powder is not the nescafe type where it melts in hot water, it literally leaves residues floating on top of your drink. So skipped out on their coffee and drank tea and hot water the entire meal.

My family have a history in coffee drinking because when I was younger and when everyone was still in school and living together, we had a maid that would make a whole medium pot of coffee every morning. So I guess we kinda grew up with coffee. Thus, we had to make a stop to check out the Kopi Luwak (Pea Berry Coffee) as they are kinda famous for some reason.

The funny thing is that I didn't know that these coffee is made from the feces of the animal call Civet. Okay, clearly I am exaggerating, they are not exactly made from their shit/poo but these civet animal eats these peaberry coffee beans from the plant and they say that the civet will only know how to pick the good beans and the beans are apparently better after going through their intestines. The civets will then dispose them through their anus in bean form along side with their shit. It's gross after knowing how this supposedly good coffee being produced and the best part is, we still paid 50000 rp to try it anyways. Of course, these bean go through a whole lot of cleaning and roasting process before grinding it into powder for consumption.  

These are the beans dried with the civet shit still stuck on the beans. D: 

They also serve other drinks for you to try for free so if you like it, you can purchase it there. 

Only this Kopi Luwak you need to pay per cup. 

Clean coffee beans

Coco Beans!

Next, if I am not mistaken, we went to Tampak Siring Temple. Pretty much another temple. Oh and this is another temple with loads and loads of things to shop but they are very aggressive. So just be careful and use your bargaining skills!

They have this pool for people to worship/pray where they got to go to each fountain and get their head wet for blessings after a short prayer towards each fountain. Is not for bathing, so no shampoos or soaps. 

Then we travel to Tegalalang for the famous rice terrace. We stop there just for a little while because it is just a nice view of a rice plantation. No entrance fee needed. :) 

The second night we had dinner at an expensive ayam penyet-alike restaurant. So not worth the price, not worth sharing at all.

Day 3

I love my day 3 the most because hotel breakfast decided to serve pancakes that day! Woohoo! Other than that, the tour was great as well for it as the day where I visited the famous Tanah Lot. A gorgeous tourist spot that I would pay to go there again on my next visit. Though before Tanah Lot, I went over to Echo Beach, a beach near my siblings Echoland hotel, the room was small and I guess it is small and expensive due the beach being famous among surfers. 

It was my first time touching a surf board and damn it was twice my height! My brothers went and try for the first time. I would if there's an instructor. It was also my first time seeing ppl surf with my own eyes. It was sooooo cool!

Back to Tanah Lot, I just can't stop admiring the spectacular view and the breeze. Also, you can do your shopping here. Their T-shirts was cheap and I bought sunglasses and clutches here because it was so cheap. Avoid buying from those vendors in the temple itself as they will kinda mark up the price. Buy from those outside the temple area. 

Another reason why I love my day 3 is because of the yummylicous cheap lunch, BABI GULING (Pork being rotated like Kenny Rogers chicken) for the win! I don't think this is something that you can find in Malaysia because it is pork. The place that I went only sell this plate of goodness for 20000 rp per plate + soup. Other place may sell this more expensive, depends if it is in the city or remote area. If you eat pork, you must must must try this but be aware that places is not as tasty as this restaurant in a remote area.

I miss coke in glass bottles, the traditional way. :(

After that, we went over to Kuta, the main town area of Bali where you can feel a more civilized environment there. They have expensive shopping place and the not so expensive areas, you just got to walk and explore. Of course, Kuta beach is also very famous. 

When you go to Bali, spa is kinda no surprise. The spa that I went was normal pricing I guess, wasn't really that cheap. For massages, walking along Kuta can find loads of cheap parlours. The spa was also okay ni la.

We didn't had outside dinner that night because we are kinda broke already. Lols. Thus maggie cup in the hotel room for dinner.

Day 4

We went to the Nusa Dua Beach area where it is famous for watersports. My sister, bro-in-law and younger brother went diving, para-sailing, and jet-skiing while my elder brother, sis-in-law and me went for boating with a glass window and turtle farm. Paid quite a lot for these activities.

Cute turtles

Big turtles

Hornbill on my arm

and my fav, BAT!!!!!! :D

So cute. 


Then we rush back to the hotel, pack, check out and lunch nearby for Babi Guling again! But is so much more expensive 50000 rp per plate!! and not so nice. :(

Was stuck in the airport for long long hours because my flight was later than my 2 elder siblings. Plus we were all broke, so can't go no where else to shop. Burn....

Thank you Yuberactive for this amazing opportunity!


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FurFer said...

awesome trip! And you like bat? O.O I thought u will love the eagle more

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there is a new shop (little girl open near the factory outlet....cis why didn't it open earlier...

JQLeeJQ said...

Furfer, Haha, I dunno, the bat was just sooo cute!

Cindy, U can always go again :D

choi yen said...

I can't believe u can describe bat as "cute"!! >.<

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