Tuesday, September 25, 2012

With a good & healthy skin... How I made it?

I always believe that clear and healthy skin is the trick to all beautiful makeup because even when you are not wearing any makeup, you will still look really good. Of course, you've got to be emotional happy and smiley to pull everything off. 

I know I am so much more confident when I do not have pimples or baggy eyes and obvious dark circles showing on my face. I am happier when I wear less foundation or BB cream, I am happy when I only need to curl my lashes and put on some mascara to be ready for an outing. 

I used to be very stubborn in not wanting to spend money for facial but now I think if you have easily clogged pores skin type as mine & we eat too much junk, then facial is rather important. You don't have to over spend on expensive facials, just have a budget and inform your consultant. If it is over your budget, find somewhere else that will help to find solutions to your problem. 

I am rather consistent in trying to do a hydrating mask everyday or every night before bed as it helps to further cleanse your face and tighten open pores as well as hydrates your skin. I personally do not prefer mask sheet for my everyday mask session, I like my everyday mask to be in a bottle or tube as mask sheets is only for one time usage. 

I love my junks. I love fried and spicy food. I am just like any of you young Malaysians, craze with all the unhealthy food. I personally love my Kuaci-s, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, black hard kuaci... also, wet chili keropok chips *drools.... BUT I had to learn to eat them in moderation, I know I will go overboard with junks especially during "Me & Movie on my Laptop in my Room" time. It's sad but is the fact, be strong & resist them!

I love relaxing with teas, especially green tea and at one point of time, I somewhat substituted my water consumption with tea which is bad! Yes tea detox my body but too much made me dehydrated very quickly making my skin & lips really dry. So I stopped consume less tea then usual these days. Lesson learnt, no matter how beneficial the drink is, it can never be your water consumption for the day. 

I've also learnt that drinking enough water is not enough because it will either flush away my good minerals or causes water retention. Thus, I've started to "eat" my water. Well I kind of cheat the "eating" part as I blend my fruits and consume it as a smoothie. Pure juice with their pulps, note that I blend them, not just take in their juice, I consume their pulps too. Similar to puree-ing them and take them like baby food. HAHA! Of course, I will still try, try to eat more fruits and veggie. 

Moisturize like crazy! Yes I do. Make sure you have the right moisturizer for your skin, it doesn't have to be expensive, as long as it is suitable for you. I usually slap on tons of my hada labo milk moisturizer at night to let it sits on my face like a sleeping mask. I bought my hada labo few months back and I am loving it even more after my current facial due to the pores being unblocked so skincare absorbs better. I use less in the morning but apply sunblock everyday. 

It is all about trial and error, learn and understand your skin needs and what your skin is less tolerable with. Not everyone have the same way of keeping their skin clear and healthy. So find what suites you best and keep your skin away from nasty stuff now!


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Lim Eunice said...

wow! thanks for sharing such wonderful tips!;D

Jian Quin Lee said...

Eunice, No problem!

My Sarah said...

Now I know why your skin is so soft.. hahaha

Jian Quin Lee said...

My Sarah, hehe, yups :D still need maintain