Sunday, September 2, 2012

Through the Instagram Lens | Life in Genting | Finale ++

Let's go for an instagram moments

It was my last week there and my colleagues, executives and supervisors were so sweet and kind to somewhat "celebrate" my last  few days as an intern in Genting. I was overwhelmed, truly.

My colleagues gathered and had lunch together!

The only guy (intern too) in my department gave me this :) 

Last week joining the CSR programme to teach kids english. 

Second last dinner in Genting. :)

Final dinner buffet!

Second last day outfit. 

Immediately after my internship, I left to Perak for a weekend to celebrate my baby nephew 1st Birthday! He was just so adorable.

When I was officially back in Klang Valley, I had to run some errands and collecting all my prizes as well as Rimmel London and Sally Hansen products for reviews as I am StarAsia's Brand Knights/Ambassador. They are recruiting new ambassador, check it out here at:

I also managed to collect a new dress from Whitesoot that I will be wearing and reviewing soon. :)

Also, I have been busy with some other activities. Spent much time in Starbuck Setia Alam. :)



Cindy said...

owh u stay in setia alam??

Jian Quin Lee said...

Cindy, nope just love setia alam's starbucks shop feel :) not at night though, super packed and noisy. But their internet is always slow.