Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Smarter Home Cleaning Solutions with Samsung

A clean home is a happy home. It is simply because a home free of clutter and dirt agents is packed with fresh air, resulting in a healthier living environment. However, busy people often lack time to perform the arduous task of cleaning their homes daily.

A few of us was invited to gather and spend a little time understanding two new Samsung home appliances, gadgets that helps keep your home clean and fresh.

1# Say hello to Intelligent Vacuuming with Samsung Navibot-Silencio!

This robotic vacuum cleaner is dream for many consumers as it is capable of performing comprehensive cleaning on its own. This also means users can programme the Samsung NaviBot-Silencio robotic vacuum cleaner to clean even when they are away from home.

The compact, sleek and agile Samsung NaviBot-Silencio robotic vacuum cleaner is set to revolutionise domestic cleaning through an innovative intelligent navigation system called Visionary Mapping System. This system forms a virtual map of the home to identify obstacles and determine the quickest and safest route when cleaning, using the least amount of time and effort.

Samsung NaviBot-Silencio robotic vacuum cleaner automatically returns to its docking station for a full 2-hour recharge before returning to the exact location where it left off.

Designed to perform multiple cleaning; the Samsung NaviBot-Silencio robotic vacuum cleaner effectively cleans from carpets and rugs to smooth surfaces and pet hair. Its innovative Turbo Mode provides users high-powered cleaning for thorough suction of dirt and dust hidden under deep fabric layers while the Micro Fiber Polisher meticulously captures micro dust on smooth surfaces, giving smooth surface a polished after effect.

Samsung’s proprietary Air Path technology reduces the vacuum sound by eight times, allowing users to run their Samsung NaviBot-Silencio robotic vacuum cleaner and have quick nap while it diligently cleans selected areas.

Jess (pic. above) is holding a Virtual Guard that creates an invisible fence up to 4m to enable users to designate the Samsung NaviBot-Silencio’s cleaning order to completely clean one room first before moving on to the others. Alternatively, users can activate the Virtual Fence mode to prevent the Samsung NaviBot-Silencio from entering a specific area, say with valuable furniture or even home pets resting.

Bloggers get their hands on the Navibot 

2# Say goodbye to Allergies with Samsung Aquatic

The Samsung Aquatic is a water-based vacuum cleaner built with allergy control in mind. The highly innovative Samsung Aquatic has been certified by the British Allergy Foundation for its ground-breaking contribution in allergy care.

Equipped with the Allergy Care+ function, Samsung Aquatic vacuum cleaner, unlike other water-filtration vacuums, detects common allergy factors unseen to the human eye. Its dust management method includes 98.1% dust retention through a wetting process in an Aqua Multi Chamber, resulting in fresh air free of allergens.

This easy to use Samsung Aquatic vacuum cleaner is perfect for users wanting powerful suction power for effective cleaning results.

This is the Aqua Cyclone (place where you add water), it generates a powerful whirlpool of water and air inside the chamber to improve the water’s filtering performance and helps to separate and capture dustThe combined actions of the water filter and the Aqua Cyclone removes harmful allergens, and prevents them from scattering when emptying the chamber.

This vacuum cleaner has achieved several international certificates for allergy care, including SLG and the prestigious BAF certificate, which was awarded for the vacuum’s performance against not only dust mites and pet allergens, but also against pollens and fungi.

The Samsung Aquatic vacuum cleaner also offers various optional features for greater convenience such as an infra-red remote on the handle for easy power control, soft rubber wheels to prevent scratching, an automatic cord-rewinder/carrying-handle, washable & detachable HEPA filters for greater hygienic performance and cost savings, and optional brushes for every occasion. 

Since Suresh was the only guy in the room, we totally bullied him and get him to do some chores. :p 

We try on the curtains....

and on the bed...

Just by after a few tries, guess what we found in the Aqua Cyclone Chamber? 
Dirty water!

This is what you get from a hotel room, it may look clean but there are still hard to reach areas that you need a good suction power to clean all the dusk, dirt & allergens. It is easier for us to clean when they are all trap in water, we can just pour them out, no more having dusk fly all over the place when taking out the dusk bag!

For more information on the Samsung’s digital appliances, please visit www.samsung.com/my or Samsung Malaysia Facebook page www.facebook.com/samsungmalaysia.

No more hassle when doing housework!


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rahul said...

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mei lee said...

may i know where can i buy 1? and how much it cost?

JQLeeJQ said...

Mei Lee, I think you can go to any Samsung store. If you want I can assist in directing you to the Samsung person in charge? Just email me at nia.ljq@gmail.com :)

rahul said...

I am really impressed with suggestions here.
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