Saturday, September 22, 2012

SHARP Plasmacluster ion for Beauty Care & Home

Purifies, Rejuvenates and Restores
Anytime & Anywhere

Sharp's Plasmacluster Technology brings you a new series of beauty care products, that improves skin and hair appearance, anytime anywhere. It's a 24 hour skin & hair care!

Left most black x-box look-a-like is a Generator IGDX10 for your home. It purifies air, eliminate odors, air-borne allergens, bacteria and virus. It help enhance skin texture for a more supple skin. 

The white mini standing air-cond look-a-like is a Humidifier IGK1 Desktop ion Generator for your work/ study table. You can plug it to a USB and enjoy cooling sensation on your skin.

Beside that, we have SHARP tumblers. Lols, NO, it is for your car. Now you can travel with a moisturized skin using a IGDC2E Car ion Generator. Just place it at the cup holder area, charge it with car charger or operate through battery. 

Then we have these stylish little hard disk look-a-like is a IGDM1 ion Generator for you to bring along anywhere you go. Keep surrounding air and skin fresh and clean while you hang with a lanyard or put it in your shirt pocket.  

The tall KL Tower at the back is a IGDL1 Bedside ion Generator where you can sleep peacefully while your skin elasticity and hair texture improves as it is stationed right beside you. 

We have Dylan here working the IFPB1S Hair Conditioning Dryer to restore shine and prevents hair damage. 

Mr. Chew was a funny man while giving us a run through of the products. If he is a lecturer in my uni (opps, I graduated), the students would love his classes. He explains about the lack of ions around us in the urban area, with that we are lack of fresh and clean air. 

This comes with a stand or you can clip it by the sides of your bed frame. 

He was talking about the filter using some scientific name and I'm sure most of our faces was like "what?" then he said "a.k.a, means its a very good filter". We laughed. 

For the Conditioning hair dryer, we have a demo to feel the difference as compared to a regular hair dryer. We have Celebrity Blogger Cheesie to be the model.

I tried it myself but it works better for longer hair as you can feel more difference with a longer ends due to the hair have lived longer. Though for me, it was a little bit more less tangled with the Conditioning hair dryer. 

And yeah! They announced the winners for the twitter contest! Thanks Churp Churp & SHARP!

Group photo!

Hehe, took my chance to talk to Cheesie :D

Now to the fun part, Me playing with my new toy in my room! 
As stated for my contest twitter post, I want a cleaner air for my room so I won't sneeze so much. 
I've been using it for a few days now, my nose leak less mucus now! :D

It's a SHARP FU-A28E Plamacluster Air Purifier

It is not that heavy, anyone can bring it up and down the stairs.
  • Simple & compact design
  • Low power consumption & quiet operation (really quiet if you put to the lowest fan, highest fan mode still does gives out some air blowing out noise)
  • Fan speed indicator on the front panel
  • Comes in White, black and Pink. (Lols I shall spray paint mine pink!)

Love it, just nice for my room size & sometimes I use it to cold dry my hair :P Joking. 

Thank you Churp Churp & SHARP for this amazing prize!


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FurFer said...

Ahahah that facial expression is too cute!

JQLeeJQ said...

aww thank you!

Ai Li said...

May I know how is the plasma ion? Do u recommend it?
Any feedback on this item?

Ai Li said...

Hi. May I know how if the plasma ionizer? Do you think you can feel the differant? Any feedback?

Ai Li said...

Hi may I know is the feedback of the sharp plasma ionizer? The air quality has deteriorated so badly, I am looking around for some products. Please advise.

JQLeeJQ said...

Dear Ai Li,

The ionizer is awesome when you have horrible air quality. I was extremely glad that have at least 1 ionizer in the house when the haze was catching up in malaysia.