Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Salon Strength Treatment [Review]

Want longer nails fast? Try this!

Pros: (immediate effect)
  • Finish of glossy
  • Healthy and clean looking nails
  • Instantly bonds your brittle nails and strengthen them
  • Simple and easy to apply and to maintain. No hassle.  

The thing that I like most about these treatments is that it really helps to keep you nails looking beautiful without much effort. Treatment polish are definitely better than just any other regular clear polishes because it has proteins and vitamins made specially for your nails. If you use any of the Sally Hansen treatments, you can really see a much more healthier and happy nails.

Remember, your nails reflects who you are too!

*After 5 days (31 August- 5 September 2012)
My nails still looks really neat, glossy and healthy but I don't see that it is visibly longer, just my usual nail growing length. It is just a little bit longer that the nails in the above picture. Maybe this product works better on those severe cases like when you have some accident with your nails and needed treatment to grow it back to normal. Though, is still nice to have product like this in case emergency.  

Ps: My is currently using Sally Hansen nail thickener as he has really really brittle nails. He was hilarious! My mom painted the treatment for him and he held his hands up from the blanket to let it dry. He kept looking at his nails after a while and wonder "when will it dry, it still look wet" when in fact, it was already dry but the treatment finishes off glossy thus looks as it is still wet. He held his hand up for so long and finally decided to touch his nails to see if it is dry. He raise his voice in delight and amused "Eh Mommy, it's dry already!". LOLS! He never expected it to look glossy and kept holding his hands up thinking that it is still in the process of drying. Fathers.....  



Wendy Pua said...

ya, can't wait your review after 5 days! i was thinking to grab this babe to keep my nail grow faster!

JQLeeJQ said...

Wendy, it didnt really work for me when it comes to lengthening but does keep my nails looking strong and healthy. :)

Becky said...

Jian Quin - thanks for the review! As far as nail growth, I have had success with a new product from a start-up in Denver called 1-2-3 Healthy Nails. Plus, the product comes with an AWESOME nail file. Check it out!

Unknown said...

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