Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Not so French Manicure + Rings

Hello my friends,

Before anything, I would like to rave about my absolute love ring. Please note that I bought these myself, to be exact, I bought the blue crystal ring sometime back and only recently found the white crystal ring in an expo. I think they are both RM10 each and I can't more on how pretty they look! I saw the same one but in black crystal but it doesn't look that nice. Unfortunately, I don't really know how to tell you where to get them but who knows maybe you can find them around bazaars.

I like French Manicure but they are a pain in the butt to paint them. I guess I was watching some series and got bored so decided to do something with my nails.

Originally my nails already had the Sally Hansen Diamond Shine on it, so I just painted the super light lavender colour on the tips. Just FYI, the light lavender colour dries off matte if you paint your nails entirely with that colour and I had that colour for the longest time ever, never really use it. That small little bottle actually used up quite fast, I remembered painting all my nails and looks as if I've used half of the bottle. 

Then I got a Sephora French manicure kit from my friends, Serene and Izz for my birthday last year. I used the pale pink for the entire nail over the lavender colour and then finish it with the clear polish. Just a little review, the kit was useful and the polishes was great in the beginning, only recently it has gone bit thick thus needed a bit of work when painting like rubbing between the palms more often in between nails. I didn't use the white in here cause I think it was already too thick for me to paint my nail tips. In the kit also have the French manicure guide stickers, I don't really like to use them, I rather paint hands free.  

It is Not so French Manicure as I did not use a white polish for this but you can have fun and play with different colours for the tips. :)

Enjoy painting!



Unknown said...

have you ever tried "nail" treatments - (like when they put gele on your nails and you can´t removed it without experthel)? Some of my friends say: it is better then Fernch Manicure as it last longer. What do you think?

JQLeeJQ said...

No, never tried or heard before. Will check it out :)

Choi Yen said...

How you do this? So neat!

JQLeeJQ said...

Choi yen, Haha, takes lots of practice. Like really, I have been doing it since 3 years back. But i can only do with my right hand. HAHA!