Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mary Kay TimeWise Plus Regena Firm Correcting Eye Cream [Review]

~Unlock the secret to a youthful lifted look!~

  • Helps eye area look more lifted
  • helps reduce puffiness
  • Minimizes appearance of deep lines
  • Minimizes dark circles
  • Firms sagging skin around eyes
  • Liquid crystal delivery system helps enhance effectiveness
  • Liquid crystals help illuminate eyes
  • Provides moisture for 12 hours

Special zamac tip applicator designed to help stimulate microcirculation as it gently massages the undereye area. Smooth metal is cooling and refreshing. 

How to use?

Personal opinion

It has a really thick white cream and it is definitely moisturizing but not hydrating (water based) enough for my extreme dry, I'm sure those with normal-oily undereyes skin type will take this to be perfect. Very nice solid packaging, doesn't feel cheap at all. It doesn't really have a scent to it, I feel as if it was a blank medical smell, pretty much close to no scent. I felt that this did rather a good job in reducing puffiness, redness and swelling (especially the aftermath of crying), can see results within 24 hours (following the how-to-use instruction above image). The instructions really helped to understand the usage better so we can fully utilize the zamac tip applicator. It also helps with dark circles but I don't see much of it helping me with my deep undereye lines. I can't say much about lifting as I do not face that problem yet though, it is said to be able to see 79% lifting after 1 week. 

For a 15ml product, Rm220 can be a little pricey for the yuppies but definitely affordable for working adults of age 40 and above. This will be a little nice treat for the aging skin type. 

Thumbs up for cooling tips!


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