Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mary Kay TimeWise Plus+ Regena-Firm [Event]

Give skin a second chance to act like it did when it was younger.
Sophisticated biotechnology. Unprecedented innovation.

About Mary Kay

Mary Kay is one of the world’s largest direct selling companies with more than $2.5 billion in annual wholesale sales worldwide. Mary Kay was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash with the goal of helping women achieve personal growth and financial success. Mary Kay remains committed to enriching women’s lives, and today more than 2 million people of all backgrounds are enjoying the advantages of being Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants. Mary Kay’s high-quality skin care and color cosmetics products are sold in more than 35 countries around the world. To learn more about Mary Kay, visit www.marykay.com or www.marykay.com.my.

TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™
This is the latest scientifically innovative skin care from Mary Kay developed to minimize the advanced signs of aging and help skin recapture its youthfulness. As the result of years of extensive investigation into the science of how and why skin ages, a team of scientists at the Mary Kay Research Center identified a complex of ingredients designed to help renew skin’s youthful appearance and help bring back its resilience and vibrancy. It contains Plant Stem Cells that help protect the integrity of the skin matrix, the source of skin firmness, Tripeptide-1 biomimetic peptide that helps support processes critical for skin repair, Hyaluronic acid boosters that help provide youthful skin volume and lift. 

We were also treated with a little pampering session for our hands. We used a softener to first soften all the dead skin cells on our skin, it was very creamy and feels very soft to the touch. Then the heavenly scent of peaches arrived as we pumped out the gentle scrub that does not overly exfoliate the hands and the palms. Finally, we lock the moisture with a peach scented hand cream to achieve satin hands.

The two main products introduced was

  • TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Intensive Serum, 30ml (Retail Price: RM420)
  • TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Correcting Eye Cream, 15ml (Retail Price: RM220)

We had the opportunity to try it on the spot. A first impression review is coming up soon! 

It is said that this product range best suites women age 40 and above, a more mature skin. If girls in the age of early 20s are advised to use sparingly. Just the tiniest amount for people like me. My interest lays mostly on the eye cream. While the serum will be passed to my mom of age 55, we will see if she likes how it feels on her skin. :) These products will be available in October 2012 and it is only available to be purchased from  Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

This event was attended on behalf of Jessying .



FurFer said...

The eye cream has a very special output o.o. Cute!

JQLeeJQ said...

Fer Haru, Yes it does. There is a special name for it. I will review about it soon. keep an eye of that blog post!

FurFer said...

Hope to read from it soon!

Jessying said...

Ohhhh the eye cream dispenser definitely looked unique, my guess suppose to use that to massage around eyes area , and can increase blood circulation?