Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kaki Seni Arts Exchange 2012

Immunity to Collaborate

It all begins with an invitation to leading artists around the world. The meeting point is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – a country that is rich in its cultural mix, strong heritage tradition and a melting pot of people; all serving as multitude of inspirations to draw from, for the creation of new, collaborative works.

Carefully set up as a concentrated creative time of 20 days, the programme seeks to explore and draw from local inspirations where notable and new Malaysian artists will work with international artists to facilitate creation and finally, dissemination of the new works either as an outreach presentation or a full-fledged production. 

The team of facilitators for the Collaborative Outreach programme will include Sam Scott from New Zealand, Andre Jewson from Australia, Ling Tang and Ayam Fared from Malaysia.

International Artists
1. Ben Cutler  (UK)  Actor/Director/Dramaturg   
2. Sergio Martinez  (Spain)  Actor/Director/Playwright  
3. Vassiliki Papailiou  (Switzerland)  Actor/Singer    
4. Alfian Sa’at  (Singapore)   Playwright
5. Monthatip Suksopa  (Thailand)   Actor/Puppeteer/Artistic Director
6. Paula Alfieri Ferreres  (Argentina)   Director/Producer   
7. Minh Tri Doan  (Vietnam)  Festival Director/Electronic Music Performance Artist 

Local Artists
1. Ahmad Firdaus Che Yahaya @ Mark Yong  Actor/Dancer/Choreography   
2. Sharifah Mariam @ Sherry Alhadad  Actor   
3. Megat Sharizal Mohd Yusoff  Actor/Director   
4. Siti Aishah Hassan Hasri  Actor   
5. Tony Leo  Actor/Musician/singer   
6. Jerome Kugan  Musician/Singer songwriter/ Writer   
7. Zedeck Siew  Writer/Art Critic  
8. Stephanie Van Driesen  Vocalist/Musical Theatre Artistes/Actress/Sound Therapist 
9. Chew Soon Heng   Percussionist   
10. Leow Sze Yee  Drum Coach/Performer  
11. Nish Tham  Music Director
12. Abdul Qahar Aqilah  Actor   
13. Syed Zalihafe  Actor/Director/Producer   
14. Amerul Affendi   Actor    
15. Mislina Mustaffa  Actor/Activist   
16.   Alison Khor Musician/Soundscape Artist/Singer

From my point of view, I think it is a great idea to organize this collaborative outreach in Malaysia as this will help enhance the performing arts industry in Malaysia. The Meet and Greet session was beautifully done, everything was totally creative. From the food to the ambience, it was just spectacular. The greatest thing was that all these artsy people are very fun and sporting and supportive, they are not like the typical Malaysia having no respond to what's going-on on stage. Sheela was fan-ta-bu-lous, love her humour. The painting that was done during the dance performance itself and the clothes worn by the dancers are going on auction. I had a wonderful time that night. :) 


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