Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dr Nano Hydrating Face Mask [Review]

Dr Nano Labcel Timeless Youth 
Hydrating Face Mask 200ml

  • Fun jelly-like mask
  • Smells good
  • Help hydrates the skin
  • Help in minimizing pore slightly 

I'm not sure if it helps for whitening but I love, love, love this mask! I bought this mask from my facial parlour 2 weeks back and have been using it regularly. It cost me about roughly RM170 if I'm not mistaken but for the amount of products, it was worth my money. I use it almost every other day, as it is not a drying mask, thus safe to use it often. The only thing I have to mention is that it takes a little of effort to wash it off as it takes time to let the mask dissolve in water, it doesn't bother me as I will just massage my face while removing the mask. Even on the tired nights, I would still find myself reaching out for this product, apply, sleep on the chair until alarm rings after 30 minutes then wash off. 



Cindy said...

What benefits does it brings?

Jessying said...

your face looked more plump and moist!

JQLeeJQ said...

Cindy, it really hydrates my skin and helps minimise pores a little. After a long run using them, it made my skin healthy and glowy :)

Jess, that is with the mask la but it really hydrates skin and wont feel tight after that.

Anonymous said...

hi JQ dimana saya boleh dapatkan produk ini?

Anonymous said...

Hi JQ where can i buy this product?

JQLeeJQ said...

Nizan you can buy from Beauty Map/Beauty Century facial salon at mid valley