Monday, September 10, 2012

DL1961 New York Fashion Week


It's New York Fashion Week!

Yes, one of my dying wish is to attend the New York Fashion Week but first I have to figure a way out on how to get to New York with my fresh grad status. 

This is my first time hearing about this DL1961 brand mainly focuses on denims. I love the simple concept of fishtail braids, flats and simple top makes the jeans go wild. Skinnies trend is even more obvious as the time goes by, everyone is wearing them. 

I guess we can't run away from the fact that a good fitted pair of jeans is absolutely vital if you would like to look good in them. Plus, if they fits your perfectly, it will pair great with almost anything. 



Cindy said...

i love the first one simple yet rocks!!

JQLeeJQ said...

Cindy, totally agree!