Saturday, September 15, 2012

Circus, Pavilion KL

Modern bistro and cocktail lounge to gather, relax, mix, mingle, flirt, eat and drink. 

I was invited by Suresh for the media launch of this beautiful restaurant in Pavilion, KL. Circus serves extensive, international menu featuring hand-crafted gourmet pizzas, signature comfort food in an approachable fine dining setting. Other than just good food and drink, it provides live entertainment, international and local DJ's for the guest to sit back and relax.

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JQ & Suresh

JQ & Dusty/Serge

Wonderful lady, JQ & Shannon

Shannon & Suresh

Povy & JQ

Jess, Suresh & JQ

Suresh & Jess

Suresh, Jess, JQ & Jessica

Jess, JQ, Jessica & Dusty/Serge

By the way, in the bistro itself, remember to look up. This is what makes it different.



FurFer said...

Best nyeee... Must go there one day :D

JQLeeJQ said...

Yes, look really nice. but food bit ex la. :)

Isabel said...

oops saw the price of the food x.x but looks like fun

Kelly Siew said...

Oh hi!!! I see myself in the first pic. Hahaha.

It's a stunning venue, looking forward to sampling their menu! :)